Hello, Alison here. Gavin’s away taking a well earned holiday so I’m stepping in to write my first ever daily. We’re having a bit of a slow news week, everyone seems to be having a bit of a rest over the summer break but there are still plenty of things to talk about.

Firstly, if you’ve been missing your weekly F1 fix, Christine’s started an awesome new mini series about F1 Circuits Past and Present. The first installment is all about Silverstone and there should be another episode available later today so keep your eyes peeled for that.

This year is Bridgestone’s last in the sport and Pirelli are stepping up to supply tyres for F1 from next season. They’re busy testing this week with ex-BMW driver Nick Heidfeld behind the wheel of a Toyota F1 car. There were concerns that his links to Mercedes GP may make him a little less than independent but it’s now surfaced that he’s parted ways with Mercedes in order to become Pirelli’s official test driver.

Kimster has started a new blog with a great first post all about Nick’s new role at Pirelli . We’ll be keeping an eye on that for many more posts to come hopefully! Lukeh’s also penned a great post over on his blog about who might be a great choice to replace Nick at Mercedes.

Schumacher’s unexpected success in Christine’s rankings this week seems to have him convinced he can move away from scrapping over 10th place to fight for the title next season.

On the site, Mr C’s been working hard to introduce some great new features. There’s the confusingly named sidepodtoast as well as the, frankly terrifying, Big Blue Ping Box. These are both available to anyone viewing the site on Chrome and you should get the Blue Boxes in Safari too but they’re only available in the individual posts so perhaps it’s finally time to kick that doohickey habit!

For anyone that hasn’t yet noticed. Mr and Mrs C have put a huge amount of effort into developing the homepage and it’s beautiful! If you’ve managed to miss it, you should definitely check it out immediately. From there, you’ll also find links to the amazing number of recent guest posts currently hosted on the site. I personally am eagerly awaiting the next installment of Amy’s Australian Diary

Don’t forget that you can lend Christine some moral (and financial) support for her upcoming 5km run. All funds raised are going towards the Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust.

Elsewhere on the web, you can find what we’ve all been waiting for, an insight into the Secret Life of Robert Kubica. I’m mainly excited that, like me, the man hates milk!

Pat’s also drumming up support for the fast approaching Sidepodspa Meetup on 24th August in London. Everyone welcome. More information can be found here.

That’s about it for today. Hopefully that’s plenty to keep you occupied. Thanks to Nick for his amazing link-finding assistance. Much appreciated. Have a nice day all and hopefully see you in the comments.

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