Thursday once more, which means I have the the privilege of writing the daily post. Just over one more week now until the Formula One action returns with the Belgium Grand Prix, exciting right? Have you enjoyed the break or have you spent the last two weeks wishing for Formula One to return?

  • Nick Heidfeld took to the track yesterday as he gets about his new job of testing for Pirelli. It seems that the test was productive and Heidfeld will be in the car again today as Pirelli's preparations for their return continue. Renault are bringing their roadshow to Rotterdam for the fourth year, where Vitaly Petrov will be behind the wheel of the 2009 car the R29.
  • Spa Francorchamps is considered one of the best circuits and is much loved by the drivers and fans. Leigh has explored racing in Belgium before the Spa in this fabulous blog post.
  • We all love podcasts here and while "downshifting" is still happening (boo) Christine has started a mini series on F1 Circuits from the past and the present, the second installment looks at the Kyalami circuit in South Africa.
  • Stuart Taylor has provided us with some more brilliant cartoons, this time on the some of the recent Formula One stories, well worth a look.
  • Over the break in Formula One action I have commented less on Sidepodcast (terrible I know) but in that time I have got the blogging bug back and joined Tumblr. Just to be different and to explore a platform that wasn't Wordpress. Why have I mentioned all this you wonder, well there is a blog for Ferrari driver Felipe Massa and where Massa is a certain engineer is surely close behind as you can see from this photo. Yep I mentioned tumblr just to include a picture of Rob.

That sums up this daily post (with bullet point goodness) I hope you all have a good day and I might see you in the comments!

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