Hi there, Pamela here. My first daily! It’s now my turn to write a post as part of posts-from-Aussies-Saturdays.

By the time this daily gets posted, it will almost be time for Amy and I to have our post race lunch/dinner. I know what you’re thinking: it’s not a race weekend, but why not be Sidepodfriends every weekend? We are heading to Mart 130 for a lunch of corn fritters! Mart 130 is located at Gate 1 entry into the Albert Park circuit – always exciting to be near the action, even if the action is 5 months away!

To the dot points:

  • Joe says that development is moving forward at Silverstone which will include VIP Spectator zones! I wonder if any Sidepodders will make it into these super duper spectator zones in 2011!
  • Joe also has the full story on the Russian GP for 2014. Does anyone else think the track layout looks like some kind of deformed animal?
  • Martin Whitmarsh says don't write off McLaren’s title chances, while Lewis Hamilton says that Korea will suit the strengths of the McLarens.
  • Felipe Massa says he can count on Ferrari and is thankful for their support.
  • FOTA are considering the potential of two day race weekends though it seems unlikely. Personally, I feel that the four and a half days we have in Melbourne aren’t enough, however three and a half days in Spa felt like an eternity of sitting in the rain!
  • In post Japan driver video news Lucas has uploaded a video of the driver’s parade and Timo has talked about his weekend.
  • Meanwhile Jake has tweeted about his dinner.
  • In not-too-recent news, a few weeks ago I read two interesting articles from Formula1 Blog (here and here) about Speed TV’s coverage in the USA.
  • Lotus and Renault have some fun days for fans coming up at their factories.

In keeping with the Aussie theme, I’ll share some news from my end of the world:

  • Melbourne has made a return to Winter recently but don’t worry, the race will go on. The horse race, that is.
  • Also, provided the bikes don’t get wash away, the Australian Moto GP is on at Phillip Island. Jorge Lorenzo has been quickest in practice so far. Phillip Island is a fantastic place to visit especially the penguin parade!
  • Australia did very well in the Commonwealth Games which are now done and dusted. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to catch any of the games, however I did learn that pricing for the 2012 London Olympics would cost between £20.12 and £2,012, although there will also be some free events. £2,012 seems to get you into the opening ceremony. I guess that’ll be the seat next to the Queen.

Before I head off to have lunch with Amy, I’ll leave you with one of my favourite YouTube clips. I was reminded of this clip when I asked the comments for ideas for this daily. Enjoy your Saturday!

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