Oh hello. I realise this is a bit of a surprise not having Lou writing up her always fabulous Sunday Daily thread but sadly Lou was a bit too busy to find the time to write up her thread. The past few days have been a bit hectic for her so it's totally understandable. Luckily I'm here to hopefully guide you through Sunday and bring you some snippets of information and little bits of interesting titbits to make your Sunday a little bit more exciting. In fact, did you know that today is the birthday of Kimi Raikkonen? You may have heard of that name before - I know Lady Snowcat in the comments definitely has. So a big happy birthday to the former F1 world Champion. I'm sure he'll know how to celebrate. And now for some bullet points!

  • It's not a Formula 1 weekend of course so there's no racing to look forward to today. That doesn't mean we can't talk about Formula 1 somehow, right? Journeyer posted a fantastic video of Jenson Button's race preparation the other day for Lou and it only felt right to include it within this daily. Go Team Button! It's a fantastic little bit of insight actually I reckon. If you fancy a read make sure you check out Alex Snell's latest F1 diary installment with plenty of updates from Singapore and Japan. Not that we're not jealous or anything!
  • Jake Humphrey spent the last day or two taking part in the Cambrian Rally, co-driving with former ITVF1 pundit and, to me at least, all round legend Tony Jardine. Check out this twitpic of Jake's pace notes for example, it's not exactly simple stuff. If it were me, it would be a case of 'Chuck on the sat nav Tony and see what happens.' That's precisely why I'm not in rallying.
  • Can't go a Daily without some blog plugging going on can we now? Christine has posted the results to her header competition for October and I'm delighted with the results personally as the one I chose won! yay! Furthermore, check out the splash of paint and general glossing up for her rankings here on Sidepodcast too. Remember to check back every Monday evening to see who's going up and down in Christine's world. Here on the site we were treated to another 'On This Day...' special looking back at an amusing incident with a certain Michael Schumacher. I swear I am not laughing behind these hands over my mouth.
  • Finally, it would be rude of me to fill in for Lou and not include something relating to photography. Whilst my knowledge pales in comparison to Lou's vast knowledge of where to find amazing photgraphy, I thought it'd be pretty cool to share some of the Big Picture's best photographs from the Commonwealth Games. There's some absolute stunning photos in there and despite all of the hesistations, worries and comments at the organisers, I find India should be proud of how they presented their culture and included it in the games. Of course, the photographs illustrate just how much emotion, practise, delight and every other emotion go into making the games a spectacle in every aspect.

I think that's a fair amount to share with you lovely people for today. There's plenty out there on the wide world known as the internet but then again, there's the lovely comments below to get involved in with the community here on Sidepodcast always buzzing. The wonderful thing about commenting here is how the community always looks to invite, delight and ignite the social side of Formula 1. Also, looking at GigglesRadio.com suggests we don't have a show scheduled from Giggles this afternoon but we do! Make sure to pop in at 4pm for the series finale. You could always check out the huge surprise of the returning F1 Debrief from earlier this week if you fancy some aural awesomeness today too. For now though, I'll see you in the comments with a welcoming hello :)

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