Happy Friday everybody and welcome to another Daily form yours truly that I hope you will enjoy as much as I love writing these. Today is a special day of course, as it is the birthday of my bestest friend forever Bruno Senna! Hurrah Bruno! I met Bruno earlier this year at Goodwood and it was awesome, we had a chat and everything! He is very lovely. Happy Birthday Bruno Senna! Somehow there is more to that for today, so much more to talk about in fact! Let's see what's lined up for this Friday...

Paddock News

The Pretender - So it seems we're off to Russia from 2014 as Bernie has confirmed a deal with our Eastern European friends. It is not a huge shock of course, it's a deal that's been waiting for confirmation for years after much talk especially now that Vitaly Petrov is in F1. Will the calendar go over 20 races by the time 2014 comes along though? With USA, India, Rome and more looking set for races, we may have to drop a few... anyone thinking Hungary, Valencia, China and Bahrain? That'd be marvellous. Oh I hope Tilke isn't designing the Russian circuit...

Learn To Fly - Whilst this weekend isn't a Formula 1 weekend, Robert Kubica is keepping himself fresh with a bit of rallying to keep his adrenalise rushing until the unmitigated disaster that I know Korea will be. It seems Bobby K will be taking part in the FIA European Rally Championship as it heads south to the luxury that is the Cote D'Azure. ah, an easy life some some! And if our Bobby wants some WRC fun he could always play the new WRC game.


Times Like These - Christine will no doubt be smiling in glee at knowing she finally got Mr C to sit down and watch the fabtabulous Back to the Future series of films this week. Her always worth reading Film Watch aside on her blog includes all three films that of course she loved to bits. I mean, why wouldn't anyone enjoy the awesomeness that is Back to the Future? It is recommended you read the Daily Threads at the speed of 88mph, you know. Just throwing that out there.

This Is A Call - Here's an interesting concept for you that I noticed yesterday as did other people. Greater Manchester Police are spending 24 hours over several accounts posting what calls they get from the public. There are some unbelievable calls on there, some of the ones I noticed incluse someone phoning because of Facebook and people asking the police for advice, but one about a dog chasing a car leading to a 999 call just amazes me. Fascinating to see how many calls they get and the stuff they get told about though.

My Hero - Did you have a Sega Megadrive/Genesis in the 90's? Do you remember the sheer awesomeness that were the Sonic the Hedgehog games? Well you may be interested to know that Sonic is back in the first supposed sequel to Sonic 3 (apparently Sonic and Knuckles doesn't count but there we go!) with the new Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. It's back to old school 2d side scrolling fun and it's very good, if awfully similar in such a way that it feels like a rip off of the old games. But it's still massively enjoyable, and a must just for the old SEEEGAAA start up nostalgia. It's now available on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and iPhone/iPod Touch. Annoyingly the game will be released in episodic downloads meaning more money for the next bit. Scroungy.

And For Something Slightly Different

This Week's Daily Listen - Thursday was a bit of a typical Thursday for me with gloom and annoyances at the forefront of the day so I needed something loud, brash and brilliant to get me through writing this Daily and, as you may have noticed with the titles, I went for the Foo Fighters' Greatest Hits album. The band always cheer me up - with songs like Everlong, The Pretender and All My Life how can it be possible to not like the Foo Fighters? You just cannot go wrong with Grohl and company, as they just exude awesomeness from every possible orifice.

That's me for another week anyways, hopefully I've provided you with a few good links and whatnot to help make your day a little bit better. It's the last day before the weekend nevertheless so we're nearly there folks. Plus it's Bruno Senna's birthday so let's make it a good one, yep? Good, good. See you in the comments.

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