And its all over. Just like that. Poof, a new World Champion. A season to be done with, not the greatest ever. 2008 is still up there, but it had some spectacular highs (Kobayashi on Alonso in Valenica, if you want reminded of it, I'm more than happy to go into an half hour analytical detail about the best 40 laps of my life). And then, spectacular lows (Every single race up to Turkey, generally Pedro de la Rosa's season, Singapore and Abu Dhabi).

But one thing from yesterday really annoyed me. So much. I suppose it was a carry on from Saturday evening, and I am not happy. Not one bit.

Why oh why is Carlton Cole and Jay Bothroyd in the England squad?

Is that how desperate Fabio Capello is? Has he just loaded up Football Manager, filtered the English players and picked a few at random, you know just for the hell of it. But why not, I mean, he has messed up one international tournament, lacked ambition against a Montenegro team who lacked their two best players and now goes into an international friendly game who managed to come out of the World Cup worse than England, France.

But seriously, Carlton Cole is out of form and stuck on the substitution bench for a team stuck bottom of the Premier League. Jay Bothroyd has not proved himself in the top level, yes he is scoring in the Championship, but against the likes of Watford and Ipswich, does that really mean much?

And look at goalkeepers too, sure Joe Hart is pretty good, if not still learning at top level (as proven with mistakes against Blackburn and Switzerland), but Robert Green? The same Robert Green who has been below par in the Premier League and made that mistake against the US of A. Why not Paul Robinson, who showed why he is 'England's Number 1' and a total awesome English keeper when he made a cracker of a save against Spurs at the weekend. I know we scored four past him, but none were his fault. A good keeper is hopeless behind a useless defence.

Jack Wilshere is too inexperienced, as is Keiron Gibbs who I'm sure doesn't get a game for that lot across North London (who trust me, are going to be heavily beaten by Saturday at 2:45). Chris Smalling, who's got about one game in this season, Rio Ferdinand, who isn't even captain of his club team and seemingly only use is shouting at officials affecting their decisions (oh, you thought I'd forgotten about that, we've had four decisions go against us in four games, I will NEVER forget). Peter Crouch, who has scored one goal in the whole Premier League season so far.

Tell you what, give me the job. I know its only a friendly but come on, is that seriously the best England has to offer? Because if it is, god help us all.

Just before you say, no, no I haven't got Football Manager 2011 yet, but when I do, you will be seeing England winning Euro 2012 and fans calling for me to be knighted, etc.

Well, that rant was only 521 words, I think we should do some links now before Mr. Capello decides to make a little visit to my humble area of Newcastle.

So, the race, bit rubbish really. And in a way an anti-climatic way to end the season. But you know what, for the final time in 2010, the links that I always love and admire for the range that they do indeed cover.

First, there is Lukeh's Gridwalk Talk stuff, which has really improved during the season. With snazzy graphics and cute little extras like including tweets these days, well worth a read and see what grade each race has got.

Of course, for those who wish for a much more indepth look, you can't go wrong with Leigh's article. Everything you need to know about the entire weekend, and I mean everything, from quotes to what actually happened in the race, fantastic.

And then there is Sebastian's Whats the Point, who every race goes into what the championship would look like under the points systems of old. Fantastic read, and doesn't just go into old points, discusses engines, nations, it is great.

Who could forget F1 Minute? Not me, still as good as ever, and a quick review of the race and everything you need to know in one minute. You can't live with out it.

And finally, my New Teams Championship. The finale of it. The last race and the end of the road. Its been fun and as I mentioned in the post, I thank everyone personally who read, commented, critisced, retweeted, liked, anything, it meant a lot to a little guy in the north and it has been brilliant to do it. I do indeed, love you all.

I shall leave it there for today, a sort of, rememberence of a great season we have had.

So to finish, at the end of the 2010 season. I would just like to say thank you to Mr and Mrs C, for their podcasts, blog post and opportunities within the last year, could you find a better F1 community? No, no you couldn't. Everyone who reads, listens, comments to Sidepodcast are individually awesome. Every single one of you. And thats what has made such a tough season to watch a lot more fun.

So here is to 2011, where the world will be amazed by the pace of the slightly more sponsored C30, the totally insane Kamui Kobayashi and the dashing Sergio Perez. 2011 is our year, it ends in a one.

Oh wait, that only works for Tottenham.

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