“What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when. I tried so hard (Alonso) and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter (4 bloody points!!). I put my trust in you (Ferrari strategist §%%$%$%&%), pushed as far as I can go and for all this there's only one thing you should know...”

Yes, we do know it now. Last week we didn’t know who will be the new Formula 1 World Champion. Today we know: It’s Fernando Alonso Sebastian Vettel. I assume it’s Christian Horner’s best birthday gift ever. It’s been a great season, far away from the best season ever, but it has been exciting, particularly in the last final races with a sheer madness in the very last one. Actually I planned to party extensively if Fernando would have made it, but unfortunately … oh well, you all know the story. I slept extensively instead as this last weekend did cost me a lot of energy, nerves and self discipline (my furniture remained in one piece), and I was killed some time with watching the season review and the race edits. Cheering myself up hasn’t been that hard since … quite long time.

But even if the season got to an end, it doesn’t mean there’s no racing news and stuff at all.

Some paddock news from today:

The end of the racing season always is sad (relieving too, but mostly sad), but Thank God there’s still footie. Although this weekend hasn’t been good for us as we lost 2:0 against Stoke. Furthermore Fernando Torres got injured – of course he did, the Injury Saga has to carry on – however he still will join up with the Spain squad for their international with Portugal. This is a crime! Are they bonkers or what? He’ll never fully recover if they keep on to drag him throughout the continent. Gosh ...!

But what do you say about that? Chelsea has been defeated 0:3 against Sunderland! SUNDERLAND! If this isn’t a small consolation than I do not know what is. Speaking of which … fancy a dance? Fabulous stuff, this. :-)

Meanwhile in Spain Lionel Messi has been genius again, his fellow countryman  Gonzalo Higuain silenced the crowds in Gijon and Atletico defeated Osasuna 3:0. Diego Forlan scored two of them and assisted the third. AWESOME player. There’s been a lot of critics on him due to lack of goals and stuff, but come on: as it happens he’s only a human. Oh, I’ve nearly forgotten the link: read the results and watch the Forlan goals here.

Was there something more? Perhaps. But this is all you need to know for today. Just make sure you’ll check out Christine’s Rankings, the Tweets of the Week, and the brilliant (as always) F1 Debrief, too. I agree with Mr. C: Haikkonen sounds like an awfully good driver. J I can remember once having a quiz with The Unofficial NASCAR Expert of Holland (also known as Roy H.) where we had to forecast the poles & victories for the upcoming F1 season. It was the season when Rubinho went to Honda and Roy made a fabulous blooper as he said that Rubens will drive for Flonda in 2006. Brill insider! I know he’s reading this now and I know he’s chuckling. Hoi, Roy! :-)

In terms of sports events for the upcoming week I can’t offer you that much, sorry. There’s some footie on Wednesday: including an Iberian derby, France's first trip to the new Wembley and reunions for Guus Hiddink and Dick Advocaat.

For those of you in London, make sure to arrange some time off as some tennis action is coming to town, and this is not just some random tennis, but The ATP World Tour Finals. The best of the best are going to face each other, and this sounds like a piece of a real entertainment, drama and excitement. Go, go, go Rafa!

That’s all from me for you for this Tuesday. Make yourself a fabulous day and I shall see you in the comments!

As for me, I am off to watch the season reviews 2005 and 2006. Alonso-Powerrrrr!

P.S. Since it’s the International Day of Tolerance today I’d like to wish Happy Birthday to Paul Scholes. It’s not that easy for a Liverpudlian as he’s a Mancunian, but whatever …

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