Hello everyone. Surprise. I'm filling in for Lou as she so graciously stood in for me last week while I moved house, so thanks Lou!

I'm all settled in now, save for living among several unpacked boxes and having nowhere to hang my shirts and things. Did you know it takes 21 days to deliver the wardrobe I want? There was I thinking I could go and just buy one. Technically I could but who has a brown wardrobe when everything else in the room is black? My living room has brown furniture and who has a wardrobe in their living room? Anyway. Race day!

Yes, today is the day we've been waiting for. The final race of the season is also the title-deciding race as many argue it should be, particularly Bernie.. and I always like when it does too. This year there is the extra spice of having FOUR potential winners, even if one or two of them need a near-miracle to clinch it. There's a real edge to today, isn't there. Literally anything could happen with Vettel on pole and Hamilton alongside, then Alonso and Button behind them, and Webber having to push like crazy from row three. The computations are too complex for my brain so I'm going to let the commentators inform me on the fly as the race develops but I expect to be on my seat throughout even if the race itself isn't that good.

Just to throw a spanner in the works I reckon the Mercedes are going to be worth watching too.

Not only that there is the fight between Williams and Force India in the Constructors' race, and the battle honours for the 'Best of the New Teams' in which the loser between Richard Branson and Tony Fernandes has to don the stewardesses uniform of the airline of the winner, although perhaps I hope that part isn't televised.

Be Prepared

Here are the things you need for today:

Lewis Hamilton interfaces with an Abu Dhabi bollard

Lewis Hamilton interfaces with an Abu Dhabi bollard

Speaking of qualifying, if you missed Q2 you won't have seen Hamilton hitting a bollard installed on the apex of one of the corners. Unremarkable you may think, until I tell you there was a TV camera inside!

Elsewhere in Racing

The final WRC round of the year is Wales Rally GB which is fairly near Lukeh. I'm surprised Kathi and Amy haven't petitioned him to go and stalk Kimi. The man himself is 8th after the first two days and let's hope he finishes the day with a good result.

The only other racing of note is NASCAR at Phoenix tonight. Unfortunately Kimi's mate Juan is only down in 35th out of a grid of 43 despite having some good races this year. Still, these are long races and hopefully he'll do something with it. Scott Speed starts 27th while series leader Denny Hamlin starts 17th, which sounds bad until you see his main rival Jimmie Johnson is 21st, not a good day for those in 'the Chase'.

I'm really pumped up about the return of Chevrolet to IndyCar in 2012, it is my second-favourite series after F1 and it has been in dire straights for so long, it is fantastic to see another manufacturer take an interest and coming in to try and beat Honda.

Other Things

I am still a week or more behind on everyone's blog posts (er and yes, podcasts too... sorry) so I don't really know what's going on. I do know Christine has been writing lots of blog posts again, this one is about pole positions and race results. I presume you know about the latest Aside with Joe.

I'll soon be updating my blog with more from the Belgian GP and some comments on the last two MotoGP rounds of the year, so please do head to toomuchracing.com during the week. Don't worry if you miss it because I'll remind you on Thursday. No music recommendation today, it isn't a Thursday and we have a race to watch.

It is with sadness that we say goodbye to Holly Samos from the BBC Radio 5Live team today. For those of us who follow the 5Live audio option over the weekend, and those who watch free practice which uses it by default, Holly has been an essential presence in the pitlane for some time now and she'll be missed. We all wish her well in whatever it is she's doing next, donkey sanctuary or not!

I'll leave you with this from Lukeh - The Night Before Abu Dhabi.

The anticipation builds.

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