Sergio on a stick meets Nigel Snowman-sell

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Sergio on a stick meets Nigel Snowman-sell

"Remind me Felipe, how did we get here?"

"Erm, there was a blizzard and our house just sorta transported to this place."

"It looks a bit, snowy, out there."

"You don't say," said Felipe with a sly glance back to his friend, Sergio. "You sorta came over to my house and this all happened. Lets go outside." The duo ventured outside, to meet a white wash of land, perfect, flat, snow and ice filling the entire landscape. "I've a feeling we're not in Hockenheim anymore."

Turning around they saw the feet of a man trapped under the house. "We should help..." started Sergio.

"Nee point laddy. He's deed now I'd say," a man said from behind them, "sarry far not intraducing meself lads, I am the Good Driver of the North, but ye lads can call me David C."

"Erm, thanks," muttered a confused Sergio, "so, who was that?"

"The wicked driver of the west lads, Takuma, deadly fella, good job yi killed the lad."

"I... see. We'll be off now," Sergio and Felipe turned away only to be interrupted yet again.

"Not zo fast my dear friends. I am ze Wicked Driver of the West, I am ze legend that zis Michael. I zee that you, Sergio have picked up ze helmet of my friend. I say you hand zit over now." The Driver would let out an horrific laugh, causing Sergio and Felipe to step back in fear. "I said now!"

"Reet, Sergio and Felipe, run me lads, I'll teek care of this fella. Remember to follow the Yellow Tilke Road" David blocked Michael in his path as the other two went off into the distance.

"Damn you David, I can beat you on ze track but everything else, you just are supreme. Zay, they are running pretty fast ja?"

"Only one person has beet me typing record like. 93 ye know? Incredible."

"Some people just scare me."


"Erm, Sergio, where exactly are we running to?"

"The North Pole I guess, someone has got to be there."

"Blimey, I much preferred the simple life with Sakon and the media. Hey, look over there, its someone else." As they continued running, they came across a man looking like an elf.

"Er, I, yeah, um, I'm Adrian, yeah, only problem is, I have no brain. So, not, clever, me that much. You going to see Santa?"

"We were going to the North Pole, yes," said Sergio.

"Well, yeah, you see, yeah, can I come, I've been good, this year and, and I, I think that he can give, brain me."

"Hey," yelped Felipe, "Santa can give you stuff?"

"Where have you been all your life?" Sergio quipped.

"Shut up, I just need a bit more courage, that's all, you know, with Fernando getting everything at my house."

"Well, sorted then, and yeah, lets go," the three trotted off into the deeper north, where they would encounter another figure."

"Oh. My. God. Look who it is!" Sergio pointed in the direction of a lonesome figure standing next to a car.

"Hi there. My name is Nigel Snowman-sell. Can you believe the price for car insuarance these days? Its outrageous, I was going up to see Santa about it and bang, my car died on me. I dare not fix it in case the snow caves in and kills me. Say, you going up to Santa? Cos I need to go up there and need to be back soon to talk to Ari Vatenen, and wish him a Merry Christmas."

"Err, yeah come on then."

And so the four of them, Sergio, Felipe, Adrian and Nigel all wandered along aimlessly in the hope of reaching the North Pole. But they were not alone, hovering just above were three creatures ready to pounce and ruin their dreams.

To be continued


As an aside to this, the former owner of Arrows, Tom Walkinshaw, sadly passed away yesterday at the age of 63. Do read the posts from Leigh, Joe Saward and Adam Cooper on the man himself.

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