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Hey all of you wonderful people, how is your day going? I first must start by wishing my Dad a very happy birthday, he doesn’t read Sidepodcast but if for some reason he doesn’t get my card at least I can say I tried.

91 days, 11 hours and 58 minutes until the Bahrain Grand Prix. #f1

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That’s 13 Sundays time! Yaaaay

I’m a little out of touch with F1 news at the moment but Christine has written about the 2011 confirmed changes from World Motorsport Council here.

Christmas is fast approaching now, I hope you’re all keeping up with your lovely advent calendars from Sidepodcast and Giggles?

I also wanted to bring your attention to some beautiful Christmas bokeh images guaranteed to put a smile on your face this cold Sunday.

You can really tell it’s the off season I’ve been searching for some exciting F1 links for a while and I’m finding it rather difficult, everyone must be hibernating this Christmas. However the mclaren web boys seem to have been busy posting some more videos to youtube for our enjoyment.

Do you remember their Inside Track series? Well they’ve finally put the final few interviews onto their youtube page. There's now a complete set for both interviews with Jenson and Lewis. As well as a nice short video featuring both drivers talking and comparing their driving styles.

Podcast of the Week

This week’s podcast is another great special featuring Mr and Mrs C’s 2008 trip to the Festival of Speed. Make a cup of tea and sit down to listen to this great piece of audio.

Episode 70 - When Was the Last Time You Sat in a Comfy Chair at Goodwood?

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