Hello ladies and gents! I am back. Did you miss me? Oohhhh, that's so sweet of you! I couldn't be here for you last Tuesday, but Mr.C helped out. Thank you once again! The daily was nearly as good as mine would have been. Hahahaha Joking!

I think I better start with some news, links and other goodies. Since it's off season there aren't that much news anyway as the teams and drivers are busy with Christmas preparations, but I managed to find some.


First of all I'd like to congratulate Diego Forlan for being awarded with The Golden Ball for his achievements during the World Cup 2010. Wuhuuuu!! CONRATULATIONS! No other player deserved it more, you all will agree with me.

End of excursion.

All right then, now I can start with the ...

Paddock news:

  • Sebastian Vettel finally received the trophy. Pleased now? And you, people of Heppenheim? Really? I do not buy that. You'll find something to moan about very soon. Moaning is even more important than breathing, am I right? I am.
  • I bet they'll start to moan about this gentleman who also received a trophy. I do not like this facial hairiness either, but I assume it's the weather in Switzerland. The poor lad felt a bit cold. As longs as he's not looking like Heidfeld's twin I am OK with that. :-)
  • Ex champs disagree over Vettel maturity- I am deeply offended! Nobody asked for my opinion! Frankly I do have a plenty to say on Seb. Since he became Champion there is not a single day without any news about him. Seb this, Seb that. He said this, someone said that ... Vettel in a cafe, Vettel outside the cafe, Vettel having a snack in his garden standing, Vettel having a snack in his garden sitting ... etc. As long as he's having this snack without Adrian Sutil I shall stay cool, but my patience has limits ...
  • Korea was voted the best GP of the year. Many were confused. So was I. I might be the only one with this opinion, but the Koreans were just lucky. The race happened to be that exciting simply because it was raining. If it hadn't ... Bye, bye trophy. But nobody seems to see that ...
  • Some new rules were announced and they are rather confusing too, aren't they? However Villeneuve thinks they are almost perfect. Love that "almost".
  • Paul die Resta will discuss his Force India future this week. *fingers crossed* They would make a nice racing couple with Hulk. Please, Paul lad, save us from another year with Adrian!
  • Although Jos Verstappen said Petrov is the worst driver on the grid. I am confused again. ????? A little hint, Jos, if I may...? The worst driver's name begins with an "A" and ends with a "N". Got it?
  • You can also watch the season highlights here, and read what Lukeh had to say on that. Do you want to know what I have to say? No? Ok, so I say it. It could have been Fernando ... *sigh* Oh, and I love the "John Button in the disco" moment (04:58). :-)
  • I'll finish up the F1 section with something funny: "RBR drivers still free to race in 2011". I like to laugh.

Other sports which in other words means footie news:

Oh *****, United just scored. OK. Now I'm fed up. I think this is going to be the end of this daily. I run out of news anyway ...

Before I go I'll encourage you to listen to the F1 Advent Calendar today and every day of the week till Christmas. Or else!

Well then, lovely people. That's all for me today. There's been plenty of confusion, but I am leaving you with a clear mind. I am off to watch United vs Arsenal (still 1:0 %$%&())((?=?)($$§$%&/()=?) and listen to Football Ramble Extra afterwards. You do not know this podcast? Tsssssss...!

Anyway ... have a fabulous day and ... you know ... the comments.

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