Well hello there. May I first say a congratulations to Fernando Alonso, for winning his third world championship in stunning style at Abu Dhabi last weekend. This one was the greatest of all of his triumphs...

...Oh wait, it's the 10th? Silly me, I've got the wrong daily! That'll teach me to pre-write posts before the actual event ;)

Onto the news...

The teams want to keep Interlagos on the calendar. Good, it can't be the only place they go where crime must be a problem. It's a great circuit and it would be a shame to lose it. Stuart Codling offers a counterpoint to this which is worth reading.

It's Wednesday, so there are loads of Lotus Racing stories. Joe reported on a Peter Windsor interview with David Hunt, who revealed the situation to be far more complicated as we thought it was. It's not a done deal apparently...

Jarno Trulli is not leaving Lotus racing, which he has told us for the fiftieth time. So why won't the rumours go away, my cheerful Italian friend?

Don't forget to check out Lotus Racing Notes for their Abu Dhabi Preview...

On that note, Renault have said that they remain committed to remaining in F1, probably as an engine supplier when they are bought out by Lotus. As to which Lotus, and what happens to Lotus Racing, who knows?

More Renault news... Apparently Vladimir Putin has been given a ride in a "Renault F1 Car" ... apparently barrelling around a specially prepared circuit in St. Petersburg at 150mph. Sorry Vlad, that doesn't look like an F1 car to me!

A little break for you... Sutton Images have released a video slideshow of their pics from Brazil - as usual it's really cool - check out the pic of Jake pinching EJ's Face!

Now the serious stuff. Joe and F1Badger talk about the permutations for the championship this weekend.

At the same time the Austrian dude that runs Red Bull is saying that they would rather lose honestly than win with interference? Really? Maybe Joe is right, the air is thin in Austria! At any rate, check out Mark Webber's lap of Abu Dhabi - and whatever you think of Red Bull, these videos have been brilliant all year :)

Speaking of odd decisions, did you know "the guy who used to be The Stig" has now joined 5th Gear? I'm not a fan of the show myself, but Karun Chandhok was invited to take part in the show too. Watch it here - except it's utterly pointless and rubbish, so you have been warned!

Nico Hülkenberg reckons talent should come before money for Williams next year - sorry mate, that's not how F1 works I am afraid :(

Stefano Domenicali is not counting his Alonso's before they are Brands Hatched, and thinks the championship will go down to the last metre...

A few video game stories for you. VirtualR are reporting that Gran Turismo 5 will have a Ferrari F10 Formula 1 car in it, which is a nice surprise (if it ever gets released!).

Also Ferrari have released a PC simulator called Ferrari Virtual Academy 2010, where you post hot laps and win prizes. It sounds interesting, but you can't actually race anyone :(

Codemasters are already hard at work on F1 2011, with the promise of a lot of extra features. Apparently they have to split the design team on 2011 and 2012 because of a tight development schedule - much like a real F1 team!

It's WHOsdays on Springfield Punx, and this week it's Omega. Hmm...

I have been busy taking pictures of the lovely colours of Autumn. We have had a lovely warm, long and Sunny Autumn, which is fast becoming Winter. Why not check out my recently uploaded sets from my weekend away at Fiskenæs and Gråsten, and from my walk around the local golf course?

Some links from Sidepodcast

Tonight an F1 Debrief was posted, which sounds really interesting and I look forward to hearing it today. Also Jordan F1 wrote a guest post about what he thinks is appropriate driver etiquette, which makes for interesting reading. Of course, don't forget to check out Christine's Rankings and the Tweets of The Week :)

Finally, a big fan of Sidepodcast from twitter, @IndyRacingNut, is currently midway through hosting a project where he plans to stay up for 72 hours straight and apply for jobs, using twitter and a webcam amongst other things to help him. Check out his website and I am sure you will join me in wishing him the best of luck in his endurance project!

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