On this day, 43 years ago, the first issue of The Rolling Stone magazine has been published. It featured an image of John Lennon. The first sidepodcast-post form the 21st October 2006 featured David Coulthard. I know John Lennon wasn’t a huge sports fan, but I can imagine David being a Beatles fan. Christine, I don’t want to brag, but I got even further than seeing Daveheart, as I touched Niki Lauda (and Valle Rossi wasn’t far away)! Hahahahahahaha!

All right, let’s get a bit more serious. What brought you this Monday? Was he nice to you? It’s not he’s specialty, is it? I am not sure he’s even trying … However, I had a nice writing and reading day. I just couldn’t put away this spectacular book “Headhunters” written by Jo Nesbo, a Norwegian author who is unfairly being called “the next Stieg Larsson.” I disagree, he’s definitely better. I highly recommend all of his books. You’ll loved them!

And how about Sunday? Was it a nice Sunday? As far as I’m concerned it was a super-duper-hipper Super Sunday.

Firstly: Thanks to our Golden Boy, who’s not only cute, but also talented with football and without it, he is even more when he gets “angry” and a rumour has it that he’s a super hero anyway. But where was I? Oh yes. So, thanks to Fernando Torres we’ve beaten smashed Chelsea 2:0 in a massive performance, and our future looks really much brighter now compared to this misery we’ve been in a few weeks before.

Secondly: There was the other Fantastic Fernando from Oviedo who got closer to grab his third title of World Champion in Formula 1. In fact, he’s already holding it with one hand, and I can barely sit from excitement. In fact I am buzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiing! It’s going to be a long week and the tension is raising with every day. It’s not even Wednesday yet??!! Alonso himself put on his poker face and Mark Webber is keeping an eye in him anyway, so there’s nothing to worry about, except of my health.

More from the paddock:

More from the pitch:

This week in sports isn’t that busy, however there is something on the menu and I sure there’s something for all tastes:

Before I go I’d like to advise you to read the Tweets of The Week (I’m sharing the same movie taste with Jaime *g*) and Christine’s Rankings. And since you’re on the site, why not throw a second glance at the Race Highlights?

Since I finished “Headhunters” I am going to listen to this fab lads from Glasgow I discovered last year on a Razorlight concert, where they were the supporting act. They’re not only cute, but also talented musicians.

That’s all from me for today. I wish you an exciting Tuesday, or not If you are a quiet and comfy type of person.  I am off to get some goose bumps!

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