Two guys sit in a steamy cafe. One is short and smiley, the other looks grumpy and cross.

Grumpy: It's crazy.

Short-Stuff: What's crazy?

Grumpy: It.

Short-Stuff: What?

Grumpy: You know what...

Short-Stuff: You think because you are older than me you are better than me.

Grumpy: No... I just appreciate that this might be my only chance. So it's more important to me.

Short-Stuff: Whatever...

Grumpy: I can't believe this. How can you say whatever about a world championship?

Short-Stuff: Look, I didn't want to have to tell you this.

Doc: No Short-Stuff! Don't cross the streams.

Short-Stuff: Listen Grumpy and listen good. In the year 2010 you got into an argument with the owner of your team.

Grumpy: Sounds familiar

Short-Stuff: Of course it does that part is one of those surprisingly common moments in time travel that is unchangeable.

Grumpy: Are you calling me grumpy?

Short-Stuff: Well... That is, for the purpose of this story, your name....

Grumpy: Go on.

Short-Stuff: So... Doc...

[Doc a bald man, who loves aerodynamics, driving cars and crashing cars looks on]

Doc: [tapping a noisy control pad] it doesn't look good Short-Stuff

Short-Stuff: Can I tell him?

Doc: It is inadvisable, but affirmative...

Grumpy: What is going on here?

Short-Stuff: Grumpy, I am you from the future come back as you from the past. What with the whole Minardi and Jaguar caper everything in your career has taken too long, and so I... I mean you have travelled back in time and inhabited the body of this young hot shoe Short-Stuff. The only way you can win the world championship is to let me - I mean you - win...

Doc: [Furiously calculating things on his pad...] That's affirmative Short-Stuff... I mean Grumpy...

Grumpy: Listen you two quit clowning around... I mean I expect it from Marco and Christian but... You guys... I'm sorry... Nice try and everything... But that won't wash.

Doc: If I just flex the front wing slightly further I think I can bend the space time continum and get Jenson to sign for the team.


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