Daily: 21st May 2011

It's Qualifying Saturday! We're at Barcelona and on any normal year we'd expect Saturday to be the most exciting part of the weekend before sleepily watching the cars drive 60 laps stuck behind each other on Sunday. But this year, things are different - people can overtake! People are actually looking forward to the race! No, friends, you are not dreaming - this is really happening.

Daily: 20th May 2011

I promise you that I can bring pie to this daily. First off, you have to promise not to be disappointed. Secondly, it could just be 3.14. Thirdly, you can't eat it. Fourthly, I'm just distracting you from the disappointing pie. Well, I like the pie. It's an awesome pie. Very charty.

Daily: 19th May 2011

Hello everyone, Thursday is upon us once more which means we've broken the back of the week, it is nearly race weekend!

Daily: 18th May 2011

Hi there! Hope your week is going well? Mine is fine, thank you. I do hope you are looking forward to the Spanish Grand Prix? It won't be boring this time - honest!!!

Daily: 17th May 2011

Hello and welcome to the 17th May 2011, how exciting! eh? For those longing for the weekend, well we're one day closer to it and the Spanish Grand Prix, so lets take a look at what has been going on;

Daily: 16th May 2011

Hello there, it's Christine. I am covering for RG today as he has taken to the books to begin studying for exams. We wish him all the best of luck, but also know that he won't need it because he's a clever little soul. I am in the midst of working out the new daily rotas, so if you have expressed a desire to write for us, please bear with me as I get to grips with it all.

Daily: 15th May 2011

What a day? What a daily? From Jenson to Pie.

Daily: 14th May 2011

Welcome to the ninth edition of Heikki News! Since you were last updated we’ve had another two races and Heikki outqualified Jarno in both. This makes their qualy head to head 4-0 for the year. Excellent work Heikki! He finished 16th in China, which was ahead of a Sauber and a Williams!

Daily: 13th May 2011

This daily was brought to you through the power of Giggles Cupcakes following an <del>argument</del> lovely discussion between myself and mum about who should have the last cupcake. As I am a true gentlemen, of course, I ran off mid discussion and the cupcake was mine. However, I felt bad so I gave mum the wrapper. Maybe a hug too. And that really we shared it. But shhhhh.

Daily: 12th May 2011

Today in the Daily Post, Professor Giggles explores the relationship between a quote about potatos and the Delorean from Back to the Future. This Daily Post may be recorded for Quality and Training purposes.

Daily: 11th May 2011

Hey guys, after subbing in yesterday it’s time for my proper Daily today. And how are we all? Have you ever felt like writing a Daily Post for Sidepodcast? You have? Well you are in luck, because some spaces have opened up. Why not check out this post, which should tell you all that you need to know…

Daily: 10th May 2011

Hello there, me again! Many thanks to Gavin to publishing an emergency daily, but I'm here to fill us in on the details. What shall we do today? Let's have a list of ten things. Five Formula One items for discussion, and five not so F1 related.

Daily: 9th May 2011

This is the start of the best week ever.

Daily: 8th May 2011

Hello everyone! It’s race day and what an exciting prospect, we’re back to normal timing and we can finally settle down into the season.

Daily: 7th May 2011

Hello there, how are you? All good, I hope. It's Saturday, and that means it is qualifying day in Turkey. If you're watching, don't forget to join us in the comments, and if you use the very handy Dashboard you can get the Factbyte Factbox sewn right in!

Daily: May 6th 2011

If you're reading this on the homepage, well done you. The homepage is a fabulous place with lots of pages in a homely environment. If you're reading this on Facebook or an RSS source or whatnot, then head over to Sidepodcast.com and join in with the comments. If you're reading this from the future, tell me what tomorrow's lottery numbers are. Cheers!

Daily: 5th May 2011

Hello, welcome to Thursday. Nearly there. Just one more day until F1 track action and two days until many of us get to see some of it. Not long now. The break is nearly over. Lots more racing this weekend too, there's a list in here and everything!

Daily: 4th May 2011

Hello all! It’s Wednesday again! Hope your week is going well… I am incredibly busy but at least I’m not bored ;) DID YOU KNOW: Emus cannot walk backwards? Neither did I!

Daily: 3rd May 2011

Only a few more days till the next F1 race in Turkey and, far more awesome, till my well deserved holidays. Bring them on!

Daily: 2nd May 2011

Happy Monday. Apart from Michael Cairns, yes you, it didn't go over the line. Pal.