Daily: 1st May 2011

Happy Sunday everyone! Yes that’s right (I hope you’re paying attention Mr C) it’s Sunday... and it’s May!..I think. So now that has been established we can continue.

Daily: 30th April 2011

Good morning, sidepodcasters! Are you enjoying this long weekend? The Royal Wedding was celebrated yesterday, and yes! Finally William and Kate got married in the Westminster Abbey, but, talking in terms of money, was the wedding good for the british economy?

Daily: 29th April 2011

It’s Friday Sidepodcasters, and it’s a Holiday! I suppose the Queen deserves thanks for that. While the Royal Wedding theatrics will be on the lips and minds of many, the world of racing and Formula One spins madly on. Oddly enough Charlie Whiting seems keen on handling logistics for the procession, while Jake Humphrey trades in his iPad for a chance behind a Lancaster Bomber. Yes, the very same Lancaster that will be providing aerial coverage of the royal nuptials. Maybe he’ll bring Vitaly Petrov along as his co-pilot?

Daily: 28th April 2011

Google updated their Chrome web browser on Wednesday including a long awaited feature (by myself at least) that converts the spoken word into text. This one fantastic feature might just revolutionise the conversation on Sidepodcast. Maybe.

Daily: 27th April 2011

Well hello dear Sidepodders! Did you have a great Easter? I sure did ;) Sounds like the weather was good in a lot of places and people really took advantage of it.

Daily: 26th April 2011

*eating chocolate*

Daily: 25th April 2011

Good Easter Monday morning to everyone. There are a lucky few of you out there that are into the fourth day of a hopefully pleasant four-day long weekend. Many others just have had Good Friday off and to them I say that this Easter Monday that you spend at work is THE DAY that earns you the money to spend on our collective interest of Formula 1.

Daily: 24th April 2011

Happy Easter!!

Daily: 23rd April 2011

Good morning, how is your long weekend going? Looking forward to the Easter Bunny visiting tomorrow? Me too!

Daily: 22nd April 2011

Friday's are always good, but today is double good because it's Good Good Friday. Doesn't that sound great? No, it sounds good. That's why it's called Good Friday. Great! I mean, Good.

Daily: 21st April 2011

We have a nice break this weekend, for many of us it is a four-day weekend for Easter with Good Friday tomorrow and a holiday on Monday too (with due apologies to those working in retail or in places around the world without time off). And with the extra holiday next Friday for the Royal Wedding we get two long weekends in a row - bonus! Most forms of racing are taking a break too, meaning we can have a nice little rest to recover after the opening salvos in all the major series. How will you spend yours?

Daily: 20th April 2011

Hey there folks! It’s the Wednesday before Easter! Did you enjoy the Grand Prix? I hope you did, I thought it was fantastic! If you haven’t had a chance to yet, check out the latest debrief…

Daily: 19th April 2011

Today we've got a bit of this and that. Have a look if you like.

Daily: 18th April 2011

Read this daily. This excerpt will be simple and memorable.

Daily: 17th April 2011

It's race day!!

Daily: 16th April 2011

Good morning Heikki fans, welcome to a slightly late Heikki news. Has it really been four weeks already? Since I last updated you the season has well and truly begun. Heikki has hit the track twice, and I was there to cheer him on both times.

Daily: 15th April 2011

You know, I think it's time I came clean. I have to confess otherwise it will stay on my conscience forever but here we go. I hope you can look at me the same way afterwards. I never caught all 150 pokemon on Pokemon Red. I didn't even get 100. I know, I know. Don't look at me! Actually, I'll make it up to you by bringing you an action packed daily with lots to talk about and plenty to see.

Daily: 14th April 2011

Nín hǎo*! It's the first time that I have been invited to write a daily for Sidepodcast.

Daily: 13th April 2011

So what’s been going on in the F1 world? Well, considering it’s the Tuesday after a Grand Prix, there isn’t too much news – so today we will have more blog links, which is more awesome anyway!

Daily: 12th April 2011

The day the first man ever was fired into space. And they have never seen him again ... Oh, sorry, that's a different movie. He came back safe and sound, and became a hero. Yeah ... Sorry? Noooooo, I don't mean Nick Heidfeld!!