Daily: 10th June 2011

So when I was in work yesterday I noticed it was sunny, then rained, then sunny again, then had a bit of the two, then rained, then sunny again. How is it that the weather knows that Wimbledon is just around the corner? Sue Barker is up to no good. Maybe she needs to be in F1 to stop Bernie's sprinkler idea.

Daily: 9th June 2011

Captain's Log: 06/09/11 2105Z. After successfully transporting a Giant Panda to its new digs in the Granby Zoo, in the province of Quebec, Canada, the intrepid aircrew of the Sidepodcast Airways Osprey has a brief layover in Montreal-Dorval airport in preparation for the long haul from Montreal back home to Rockall, with refueling stops in St. John's Newfoundland and Reykjavik, Iceland. With the Flight Plans filed, the Osprey being refueled, and being loaded with supplies to keep the residents of Rockall going for a few more weeks, the aircrew have a few hours to rest and secure provisions for the long flight home. Their travels take them to Ile Notre-Dame, home of Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, where we pick their story already in progress...

Daily: 7th June 2011

Good morning, oh veritable denizens of Sidepodcast. Tuesdays are a bit dull, aren't they? As Bridget did yesterday, I too shall skirt the rather sizeable mammal in the room whilst bringing you the day's F1 news. The good news is that there are only three more days until the action begins in Montreal.

Daily: 5th June 2011

Hello everyone, are you enjoying this lovely Sunday? I hope so. Well I’ve got lots of lovely links for you all to help you with your day anyway.

Daily: 3rd June 2011

It's Friday so I am here to make your Friday even more awesome. There's F1 and games and music and allsorts in the Daily today. I hope you like it, I've tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doe... oh, I'm turning into a Linkin Park song. Quick! Avert this madness by trying to find the subtle link hidden in today's Daily Post... (In all honesty I really like that song, so don't come after me with your pitchforks and your angry shaking fists!)

Daily: 2nd June 2011

Space, racing and music. What more do you need? It's a Thursday, take it easy.

Daily: 1st June 2011

This pic is a lovely sunset from our balcony last night. Here's another smorgasbord of links to get you through hump day. Enjoy!

Daily: 31st May 2011

Good day to you!, with the Monaco GP behind us and the next race in Canada not until the following weekend we get a small breather from Formula One action.

Daily: 29th May 2011

Happy Monaco Grand Prix day!! Hello to you all! I’m every so excited, there is nothing better than sitting down on a fabulous Sunday to watch our most famous race. Everyone loves Monaco right?

Daily: 27th May 2011

There's a lot to live up to today as this week we've had some brilliant, brilliant dailies from both old and new daily writers so let's make today as awesome as possible. I elect we rename Friday to Worldwide Day of Awesome, and that every hour on the hour we all get to swig a drink of our choice. Sadly, this may result in many not remembering Worldwide Day of Awesome.

Daily: 26th May 2011

It's Thursday but don't let that get you down because if there is a better Thursday on the calendar I'm yet to meet it. Yes it's Monaco weekend and that means the track action starts a whole day early. Yay for archaic motorsport traditions! It also means I can use the word Monégasque. Don't ask me why, I just like the word.

Daily: 25th May 2011

Hey guys – hope your week is going well. Happy birthday yesterday to Ivan Capelli and while we are on that subject, Congratulations to Sidepodcast for reaching ONE MILLION COMMENTS! That is an awesome achievement!

Daily: 24th May 2011

So, the earthquake didn't come, the world didn't end, and much to the chagrin of a number of American fundamentalist Christians, we're still earthbound. Given that, for believers and non-believers alike, life continues unabated, we may as well take the chance and press on with some news.

Daily: 23rd May 2011

Morning, Sidepodders, happy Monday! Shall we go over the important things? We saw The Pointy Finger, but the emotional thank-yous were replaced with Vettel's version of the Crazy Frog. According to Adam Hay-Nicholls, it's a Red Bull in-joke. Oh, you meant news we didn't foresee?

Daily: 22nd May 2011

Hello everyone. I must first make a huge apology to Christine, Mr C and everyone at Sidepodcast, this daily is so late (maybe the latest in a very long time) and well, I can only hope that you’re all to excited for the Grand Prix to mind too much.