Daily: 6th July 2010

It is Tuesday, and it is British GP week! I haven't been around here much last week (GERMANY!) but now that another race is coming along, Sidepodcast shall be my homepage. Hopefully the momentum is back with Red Bull now and home advantage won't count for that much... But let's recap what has happened yesterday with the bulletpoints...

Daily: 5th July 2010

Hello you lovely peoples out there. Right now I usually start with some long-winded, witty (sometimes) introduction to the daily post. Today is different, since the 5th July may just be the most uneventful day of all 366 of them. Nothing interesting has happened, nobody interesting was born. In fact, the only birthday of note is that of Dolly the Sheep, the first ever cloned animal. Not even a human, there should be something interesting in the bulletpoints:

Daily: 4th July 2010

Hello Everyone! I’m not sure about anyone else in Britain but I’ve got two minds about this very hot and humid weather. I’m partly very happy the sun is out and the past few days at the Festival of Speed have been exceptionally hot. While not having to carry a jumper around with me is such a lovely feeling, I’m typically British in my approach to summer and I’m not too keen on the silly humidity as it makes sleeping and general negotiating of busy Goodwood crowds much more difficult. I hope you’re all having a lovely time with the weather, be it lapping up the rays or hiding inside away from the rain. Anyway, you already know Lukeh and I are at Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend, however if you’re not able to attend, and with no F1 to keep you occupied here are a few things you might like to check out;

Daily: 3rd July 2010

Ah, the daily post. Isn't the daily post lovely? This daily post is brought to you by the letter W. Followed by I-N and E. Yay! What can I tell you? It's been a long week. So, what kind of topics are on our minds this coming weekend? I know a lot of people are at Goodwood, but we are not. We are here, holding the fort, and thus we will be talking about other things.

Daily: 2nd July 2010

It's another Friday and that means another Daily thread from yours truly today. Although things are a little different today as I sit next to Lou, watching over my every word making sure I'm giving you is top quality. Actually she's sitting on the bed playing/shouting at Monopoly on my iPod but shh. Anyways today is an awesome day as the Goodwood Festival of Speed starts today and we will be there!! WOO!! Although there was a moving motorsport yesterday but that is a fake day, where people move. In motorsport. Fun times! Anyways, time for my favourite companion since the Doctor's friends - the bullet points.

Daily: 1st July 2010

It is July! The year seems like is just flying on by, it is day 182 of 2010 and with only 183 until the end of it is essentially the middle of the year. After the last couple of weeks of almost non-stop sport we have time for a breather with the World Cup taking a break and no Formula One this weekend, Wimbledon though carries on and as always there will be a post for that.

Daily: 30th June 2010

Good day and welcome to the middle day of the middle week of the year. I do hope you are enjoying your week - we've had some great sporting action this week from the F1, the football and Wimbledon. The football is taking a rest day today, but there should be some great tennis action, with a post coming up later for it...

Daily: 29th June 2010

It is Tuesday already, but what a weekend! Or more specifically - what a lovely Sunday! It was fantastic to see all my favourite Germans going all out for the victory. Could either win have been more comprehensive? But enough gloating from me. Let us move on to more pleasant stuff, like the bulletpoints that yesterday brought.

Daily: 28th June 2010

You know that feeling when your dreams are just so amazing they just can't be real, a good race in Valencia, a Sauber looking quick, Kamui Kobayashi reminding us all why the legend that is Peter Sauber hired him.

Daily: 27th June 2010

Wow, is it Sunday already? Goodness me this weekend is flying by! Firstly, apologies that this daily is a little late I got a little held up watching Muse’s Glastonbury set.. they were very impressive! I’d totally recommend taking a look at the highlights of the set when they appear on the BBC Glastonbury site . Whether or not you’ve been watching the various performances from the festerval so far I’m sure you’ll agree this weekend has been crazily busy! There certainly isn’t a shortage of things to talk about, but just in case you need reminding or some light relief, on with the bullet points!

Daily: 26th June 2010

We've had some quite spectacular daily threads this week, and I'm starting to think mine are a bit of a letdown come the weekend! Nevertheless, I will plough ahead. We're still in the middle of crazy sporting overload, and I have one more to throw into the mix: Superleague! If you can't cope with the GP and the football, why not compromise with a mixture of both? I'm not selling this very well, am I? Onto the bullet points:

Daily: 25th June 2010

Oh, hello. It would appear we have reached Friday again which means another Friday, another week sorted. Good times ahead as the weekend approaches I'm sure and with an absolute myriad of sport to choose from, how can we complain? Yes, folks, get the strawberries and cream out and let's enjoy this Friday first! I'm actually a little nervous today as I'll be picking up my university results and finding out if I'm graduating or not, so if I could get you to keep your fingers crossed that would be great! My present back to you lovely readers re the following bullet points that withhold many awesome things to discuss.

Daily: 24th June 2010

It is Thursday once more, the day that seems to be everyone's least favourite day of the week. Normally not a lot happens on Thursday, at least from my perspective, but with a huge amount of sport taking place hopefully today will just fly by.

Daily: 23rd June 2010

Hello, Pat here. You may have seen me from such guest posts as the Indy 500 preview or the Le Mans preview, or the one with the rhino (not to mention my own blogs). I'm sorry to say your regularly-scheduled Wednesday Daily Provider is ill - get well soon Gavin! Put your feet up and watch the footie (I hope your boss doesn't think that's why you're off..).

Daily: 22nd June 2010

It seems like order had been restored in the sporting world as the favourites reign supreme (well almost) in both football and tennis. As for Formula One, all seems quiet for now. But with a grand prix coming up (even if it is just Valencia), things might heat up soon:

Daily: 21st June 2010

Here comes summer. Yes, for those living in the part of the world that lies above the equator, summer is officially here and can be officially enjoyed. I see those living in Barcelona get 23 degress with a bit of cloud, those lucky to be in San Francisco are in for a tasty 24 degrees with clear blue skies and those in Newcastle get a lovely... 15 degress and lots of cloud. Very... nice.

Daily: 20th June 2010

Welcome to Sunday. We are halfway through the weekend, and so far I've had a good one, have you? The World Cup is still going strong, but we are not all about football here at Sidepodcast. In fact, we shouldn't really be about football at all, so here are some of the other things that we're talking about...

Daily: 19th June 2010

Saturday has arrived and another daily for us to discuss is here!! I know, I know, I said I'd be back on my normal Friday's but my daily clock clearly is out of sync. Perhaps I need an iDaily to help sync with. Alas, today is Saturday because yesterday was Friday (Hulk Hogan confirms this) and the weekend is here! I do believe Saturday is the most Saturday day of the week, therefore, let us enjoy this Saturday with the various bullet points set out to direct you to the best things around today!

Daily: 18th June 2010

Hello my pretties, how are we on this fine Friday? I can't tell you how happy I am that it is Friday, as I am getting to the end of two rather tough weeks in the office. Nothing but a weekend full of Franck ahead of me, as well. But more of that in a moment. First up, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 17th June 2010

Welcome to Thursday 17th June 2010, the F1 circus has moved on from Canada and the teams will be working on the upgrades they will be bringing to the European Grand Prix in Valencia a week on Saturday.