Daily: 26th July 2010

Oh hi, you have caught me in an unexpectedly good mood. Obviously the F1 wasn't the cause of that. Yes you lovely people out there, speedway has once again made me a happy chap. One hand on the Premier Trophy, and here I go into more song and dance. A whole 22 points safe for the second leg, oh its lovely. And Tai Woffinden isn't even involved (that is for tonight). Sadly though, I fear the mood is downhill from here.

Daily: 25th July 2010

Hello and welcome to the Daily Post for Sunday 25th July. My name is Andy Taylor and this is my first attempt, so please bear with me. Today is race day as the Hockenheimring hosts the “Formula 1 Grosser Preis Santander von Deutschland 2010” or for most of us, the German Grand Prix. Whilst you all sit down with your nachos, energy based drinks and live commenting, I will be at work, so will have to avoid finding out the result of the race until I am able to watch it on iPlayer.

Daily: 24th July 2010

Hello there, I'm not Christine, it's Gavin here ... as I was unable to write the Daily Post for Wednesday, Christine kindly offered to swap with me, so here I am then.

Daily: 23rd July 2010

It's a bit more than Thursday but not quite Saturday so that must mean it's another Friday! Hurrah! Of course, with the weekend approaching it's my usual request that we all have an awesome Friday. Agreed? Excellent! Have you all had a nice week so far? Well it's the last day of the week now so how about we kick off this Friday in style by getting straight into the bullet points.

Daily: 22nd July 2010

No suprises today I'm afraid, it is Thursday once more and I know its an awful day and no one likes it but we have the German Grand Prix to look forward to this weekend, with marginal tyres and rain on the cards it could be a good one.

Daily: 21st July 2010

Surprise!! Don’t you just love surprises! I’m not totally sure how it happened (I’m looking at you Steven) but Gavin is a bit busy so it’s fallen to me to guide you through this lovely Wednesday. With this being the middle of the week, and tomorrow being Thursday you’d be forgiven for being sad at the thought the weekend was still another 2 days away. However, don’t worry despite Mr C’s love for new daily writers (sorry I’m not new), I’m sure I can find a few links to help you all get through the day smoothly;

Daily: 20th July 2010

Hiya, me again. Marilene is busy having a new internet connection installed as part of a deal that comes with sports on cable, a wise choice if I may say so, and as supersub I'm filling in although I can't promise quite so many bulletpoints.

Daily: 19th July 2010

Congratulations everyone, we've made it to the 200th day of 2010. Give yourselves a pat on the back, 200 days since New Years Day. Where on earth has the time gone? We are half way through the F1 season and have witnessed the World Cup, Wimbledon and of course, the Open Championship of golf. (Promise, this is the last mention of the sport until the Ryder Cup). And you know what all these posts have required? Guest posters like myself. Mrs C pays her tribute and I'd love to say thanks to them for allowing me to write the daily (even if this one is on course to be so very late). So, to the bulletpoints:

Daily: 18th July 2010

Hey Everyone!! Today is my first full day back from my holiday and I’m already missing the seaside! However life goes on and I must get back to doing normal things like introducing you all to Sunday! While I’ve been away there seems to have been a lot of things going on, and it seems that even moving house can be a little dangerous- let’s hope that Mrs C’s Sunday is much less painful than yesterday. Lots of things happening today to keep us all occupied though so I should get on with the bullet points;

Daily: 17th July 2010

Hello everybody, I'm back for the second time this week to bring you your daily dose of goodness. Double Christine this week, aren't you all lucky? Although there's no racing, there's still plenty going on that we can talk about - and no, I don't mean the golf. (Sorry, RG). Here are a couple of the things on our minds...

Daily: 16th July 2010

Hello once again one and all, it's a Friday so that must mean it's my time to write up a daily and spread the good word to you all with some awesome links and some fun times for all to share. It's not been an excellent week for myself so why don't we finish the weekdays with a great Friday and have some fun? There was quite the spectacle last night as Giggles and Christine had a game of Guess Who? over the internet to some success! Fantastic stuff! RG even has a Wiki Page for this epic new championship. Onto the bullet points now though and wads of information to hopefully make your day.

Daily: 15th July 2010

Hello and Welcome to Thursday, yep its that time of the week again the weekend is so close but yet still so far away. This week there is no F1 to look forward to this weekend but there is Superleague which means one Franck Montagny will be racing.

Daily: 14th July 2010

Hello and welcome to Wednesday, the middle of the week, when we all start looking forward to the next weekend, rather than back at the days just gone. Gavin is hosting family today, I believe, so I am here to guide you through what we are talking about right now...

Daily: 13th July 2010

It is Jarno Trulli's birthday! Isn't it fantastic that Tuesday birthdays are back? In any case, I am wishing Trulli a very happy birthday, especially since he was the best of the newcomer teams just last weekend. A move up on RG's rankings should go a long way into improving anyone's mood. And talking about rankings...

Daily: 12th July 2010

Well, that was a pretty boring weekend.

Daily: 11th July 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to Sunday. We’ve got another very full day of sport ahead of us, the main two events for me being the British Grand Prix, and the final of the World Cup. Now, if you’ve been paying attention to the comments you’ll probably be wondering why I’m looking forward to the football today. Well, to put it simply it marks the end of it all! I’m sure many people will be sad about it, and I’ve seen many people enjoying the atmosphere over in the comments... but it’s been a month, time for a break. However this is the daily, not the football post, which means I should really get on with the bullet points;

Daily: 10th July 2010

Why hello my friends! Apologies for not being able to keep up with my normal Friday scheduled daily post but sadly issues out of control mean I am here writing your daily for another bright Saturday! First off, a very big happy birthday to commenter Nick as it's his big day today! Yay! I love it when people have birthdays in my daily's! I'm sure Alison will be providing the cake and candles to celebrate (as well as a few drinks I'm sure) so happy birthday Nick! Formula 1 returns to it's home this weekend so let's see what homely bullet points we can throw out to entertain you lovely people

Daily: 9th July 2010

I know you were expecting Lukeh and I am sorry to disappoint but you've got me for today. I believe there are some internet issues in Wales and that means I am on call to cover the daily post. What a day to pick up the daily duties! We've got Free Practice about to kick off for the British GP, but we're all still reeling from the HRT news. There's more in the bullet points:

Daily: 8th July 2010

Hello and Welcome to Thursday, I know what you are thinking its Thursday the worst day of the week. The weekend is so close but yet still so far away. The good news is that there is only one day until the British Grand Prix starts to get underway at Silverstone.

Daily: 7th July 2010

W-W-W-W-Wed, W-W-W-Wednesday! Hey everybody, it’s Gavin having a go a writing the daily again. Random fact for you, 14 years ago today my family landed in NZ after emigrating there. It was the start of an awesome adventure, but that’s for another blog post I think… I do hope you enjoyed the football last night. Proper men, liquid football, jumpers for goalposts. He tried to walk it in during the second half. What about that dodgy decision by the ref? He was clearly offside. However, it was a game of two halves and football was the winner on the day. (By the way, I’m writing this post before the game starts!) Right then, have we got some links for you? Of course we have…