Daily: 15th August 2010

It’s reasonably quiet at the moment on the F1 news front, but with 11 days until the Spa GP weekend starts I’m sure it won’t be long until we get some more substantial news to discuss. I fact it’s so quiet people have started watching Football again! Come on F1 create some news for us! Speaking of Spa, while researching for topics for the daily I noticed the scary looking weather that area of Belgium is having currently. We’re going to need some waterproofs... or possibly a boat.

Daily: 14th August 2010

Okay, pick yourselves up and dust yourselves off. I think we survived Friday the 13th. We are heading straight into the weekend, and I don't know about anyone else, but I am looking forward to it. I'm not sure what is on the cards in terms of racing or lack of it this weekend, so instead, let's talk about some completely different things.

Daily: 13th August 2010

Another weekend is approaching and another Friday has arrived. It's been a busy week with several Sidepodders celebrating their birthdays this past week - a belated happy birthday to Chris and Guille - but today is Friday and there's plenty more to do before the weekend arrives. In fact, I'm not feeling too well. I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more bullet points.

Daily: 11th August 2010

Somehow I've managed to get myself nominated for daily duties, a task I've avoided for quite some period. I'm not a natural writer and can easily spend several hours on the most benign post, thus today I've set myself a challenge of writing this content in exactly 30 minutes. How it reads after that period is how it shall be, the current time here is 23:30 (GMT+1).

Daily: 10th August 2010

It is Tuesday! F1 persists with its absence so today's bulletpoints will be slightly less than usual. :( Let's get on with it then:

Daily: 9th August 2010

Cogito ergo sum. So said the French philosopher and mathematician René Descartes. Cogito ergo sum – I think therefore I am. However monsieur Descartes is wrong because I am not writing this because I think it is a good idea but because Lou does. So it should really be Lou thinks therefore I am.

Daily: 8th August 2010

Hello my friends! Welcome to the first of the three Sundays which make up the Formula 1 summer holidays. I know, the thought of no race for such a long time is a sad one, but there will be plenty of different activities that we can all take part in to keep ourselves occupied I’m sure. What are you all up to today? Exciting things I hope! Well, if you’ve not got any plans I have a few suggestions as to how you could pass some of your day;

Daily: 7th August 2010

Hello and welcome to Saturday! Another week is over and the weekend has begun. There is no racing today, we are diving headfirst into the first weekend of a few without any F1 to consume, but that doesn't mean that everything has stopped. The factories may be shutting down but we don't. We've been getting some impressive lists of bullet points recently, so I've got a lot to live up to.

Daily: 6th August 2010

Another week, another Friday and another way daily from myself to kick off a nice day of the week. Seeing as Formula 1 is on an extended break till Spa in a few weeks, there must be plenty to talk about I'm sure. Did you know yesterday was Lou's 3 year Sidepodiversary with visiting this wonderful site? On the same day she got a new phone as well, a good Thursday for Lou then! But today is Friday and we can look forward to the weekend with the bullet points of awesomeness that follow.

Daily: 5th August 2010

Welcome to Thursday. The F1 break has begun so there is nothing really happening in the F1 World, essentially nothing is going to happen between now and the Belgium GP, so we best make the most of the quiet to enjoy other things.

Daily: 4th August 2010

Hey there! Just a quick Daily Post from me because I am writing this post at the last minute, because I had some friends over to play Kubb, Pétanque and eat pizza – and they only just left! Here are your links for today:

Daily: 3rd August 2010

After two consecutive weeks of F1 action, we get a break. Not really a good thing in my opinion, especially since my driver had a horrid time both weeks (oh Bastian), but we all have to cope. So here are some bulletpoints to get you through today:

Daily: 2nd August 2010

Feet up lovely people, it is official, F1 is on the summer holiday. I assume that means not much of a daily is required then.

Daily: 1st August 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new month! No Mr C it’s not October, August is finally upon us! How exciting! I got the distinct impression that Mr C had somewhat of a bad day yesterday . However with the summer break, Spa meetup and the start of Amy’s epic European adventure to look forward to what more could we want from a month? Has anyone got anything exciting planned that they’re looking forward to? In the mean time we must concentrate on today, so here are a few links for your enjoyment;

Daily: 31st July 2010

Hello, pretty people. Let me begin by telling you that Mr C told me just now: "It's October on Sunday." I'm hoping it isn't, otherwise we have lost two months of our year. As it is, we are here, on the last day of July, and I am more than happy because we finally have broadband in our new house. I've been making do with other ways and means, but lovely broadband is a gift from above. Now, onto other, more important things.

Daily: 30th July 2010

Hello! It's Friday so I'm going to jump to conclusions here and assume you would like a new daily for this fine day. Hopefully you've all had a lovely week so I'll try my best to bring you into this day with plenty to read, talk about and jump into the comments with. For example, did you know that Kimi Raikonnen will be taking part in the Rally of Finland today? I know there are many Kimi fans out there so make sure you let us know how he's getting on! Onto the bullet points now, which are more action packed than driving a car with Takuma Sato using the pedals and Yuji Ide steering.

Daily: 29th July 2010

Yep it is Thursday again, the weeks feel like they are just flying by. With back to back races we are off to Hungary this weekend where last year live timing failed during qualifying leaving everyone wondering what was going on. Also this weekend we have a rally in Finland (come on Kimi!) and Superleague (come on Franck!).

Daily: 28th July 2010

Hello, Gavin here... It's Wednesday so it must be my turn to write the daily again. I have been out all evening playing cricket and eating BBQ so I haven't had much time to find some links - however here are a few for you to enjoy...

Daily: 27th July 2010

Hello Tuesday! It is Marilene here, back on daily duty having settled my internet issues. Just my luck that I had to miss the return of Ferrari and all that team order furore. On the bright side, there is the Hungarian grand prix to look forward to, and a small matter of rallying in Finland...