Daily: 4th September 2010

It is Saturday once again, and to kick off our daily today, let's have a picture reminding us of what the weather was like in Spa this time last week. t was a bit wet. Still, this weekend seems to be a bit brighter in the UK, at least. I can't speak for Spa, but I don't suppose that matters anymore. Our weather watching has moved on to Korea, as Karun Chandhok heads there to try and attempt a lap around what appears to be a building site.

Daily: 3rd September 2010

Hello again!! How have you been? You right there, staring at this daily from whatever technological device you own. Another Friday has arrived and I'm back from Spa to guide you into the day. Did you know that this time last week 10 other lovely Sidepodders and myself were getting drenched by the Belgian rain? Of course you did! But that was then and we must look what wonderful, wierd and downright wacky things are worth looking at on this Friday. That can mean only one thing - bulletpoints!

Daily: 2nd September 2010

Welcome to Thursday, yep I know again. For the Apple fans amongst us yesterday saw the release of a new range of iPod’s, noticeable Mr C and myself were most excited over the iPod Touch finally getting a camera. After an racing action last weekend at Spa Francorchamps there is no F1 action this weekend, no rallying for Kimi but possibly racing for Franck

Daily: 1st September 2010

Reluctantly, we must drag ourselves into a new month, and it is September we find ourselves staring at. September is always a bit stressful - people head into new terms at school/college/university, and the traffic increases for those of us wending our way through rush hour each day. We're also heading quickly towards the end of the season, and it's certainly taking us for quite the ride as we get there, isn't it? Anyway, on to F1 related stuff.

Daily: 31st August 2010

Good Morning! …and incase I don’t see you, Good Afternoon, Good Evening & Good Night! Now we have the formalities completed, I can introduce myself as Nick, and this is the Daily Post for the last day of August 2010. New Years Eve is just four months away; and those living in the northern hemisphere will be suffering the depths of winter. Fortunately for me I have left those cold climbs behind me for the sunshine of the UAE.

Daily: 30th August 2010

It was wet, everyone was on the edge of the seat. Journalists, fans, prepared to slaughter the unlucky losers, and praise the chosen three. Would the men in charge get the choices right, sort the men from the boys, penalise the wrong men, select the victors. Yes, Colin Montgomerie chose Padraig Harrington, Luke Donald and Edoardo Molinari as his wildcard picks for the Ryder Cup.

Daily: 29th August 2010

DUCK!!!!!!!! I bet no-one other than Alison and Lou expected that. Since some of the regular daily post writers have decided they need a break to re-vitalise their creative juices people like me have inherited the job temporarily. Normally Lou does Sunday but she is at Spa with a group from sidepodcast so she volunteered me to write it.

Daily: 28th August 2010

So here we are at last. It is Saturday and Formula 1 has returned to us. Not only is it back, but it brings with it one of the most-loved circuits on the calendar. It also brings with it some, let's say, damp conditions. Alright, it might as well be a monsoon. We've been keeping an eye on our men/ladies on the ground, and by all accounts they got quite wet yesterday. Let's hope today is slightly better for them, and for the action we're hoping to see.

Daily: 27th August 2010

Hello World, and welcome to Friday's Daily. I am startledbunny, and I'm covering for Lukeh while he is off, somewhere in Europe, but more about that in a moment. I make a Monthly Podcast, a kind of mixtape, featuring new music. I also did a small show for Nikki for Sidepodradio, but that is more than enough about me, it's all about the Unordered List, known as Bullet Points.

Daily: 26th August 2010

Thursday again! We are now so close to the return of Formula One action, if I'm honest I'm not that bothered about it. A bunch of commenters are off to Spa this weekend to get wet, enjoy the race and atmosphere.

Daily: 25th August 2010

Not sure how I'll top supersub Alex's daily post from yesterday, but I shall try my best. Before I begin though, it should be said that inebriated blogging is rarely recommended and I hold Lou responsible for scheduling my daily duty on the eve of a Sidepodmeetup.

Daily: 24th August 2010

Hello everyone... this is my first ever daily post! I am currently acting as a super sub. That's right? Do you or your friend have a need for a daily post to be written at the last minute then who you gonna call? That's right... The Ghostbusters. But what if they are out doing their actual job of catching ghosts? What if they don't have time to write daily posts because catching ghosts, I hear, is quite tiring work. Give those guys a break they can't do everything for you you know. So I think we're all agreed the Ghostbusters are out... That's just common sense. I mean what do you do then? The A-Team? Fuggeddaboutit. It's time to get in your friendly neighbourhood Giggles. So lets take a spin through the news. That's what we do right? Links about the events of the day. And we all know what today is about, today is about Amy arriving in London (She actually arrived yesterday - Ed [Shhhh - Alex]).

Daily: 23rd August

To quote Lindisfarne, 'I'm Coming Home Newcastle.'

Daily: 22nd August 2010

Apologies for the slightly delayed daily today, I had a bit of a spider related emergency, which after a quick note from Lukeh disappeared, however the incident saw me relocating to another room in order to complete the daily safely. Any way.. on with the daily!

Daily: 21st August 2010

Hello and welcome to Saturday. It's the last Saturday of the summer break - the one before things really start gearing up again. We've really enjoyed the downtime, it's allowed some great new development, and even given me enough time to write a new mini series (latest episode here, more soon). What else has been going on though?

Daily: 20th August 2010

Shwmai pawb! That's 'Hello everybody' in Welsh, I thought I would open with something different there. Apologies to all the A-level students with hangovers who saw that and felt their brain kerplode. How are we all on this fine Friday as we continue through the latter half of the F1 summer break? It's been a quiet few weeks but the sport is slowly waking up as we prepare for Spa. I mean, just look how shocked this cat is at what happened with Rubens and Michael in Hungary! But there's lots to discuss and look and read and watch today so let's get those bullet points out!

Daily: 19th August 2010

Thursday once more, which means I have the the privilege of writing the daily post. Just over one more week now until the Formula One action returns with the Belgium Grand Prix, exciting right? Have you enjoyed the break or have you spent the last two weeks wishing for Formula One to return?

Daily: 18th August 2010

Hello, Alison here. Gavin’s away taking a well earned holiday so I’m stepping in to write my first ever daily. We’re having a bit of a slow news week, everyone seems to be having a bit of a rest over the summer break but there are still plenty of things to talk about.

Daily: 17th August 2010

The countdown to the Official SidepodMeet-up continues. Only 10 more days people! In other news, welcome to Tuesday. Lots of things happening now that the break is finally drawing to a close and lots of bulletpoints for you to peruse. With no further ado:

Daily: 16th August 2010

Happy Monday everybody! Who else may be having a happy Monday? Maybe it’s Nico Rosberg after he finished a triathalon? Or smiley Rubens commemorating his upcoming 300th GP? Or maybe it’s American F1 fans who may just get an actual, real live GP in this century? Or it could be YOU looking forward to the F1 2010 game.