Daily: 24th September 2010

Hello Friday! Nice to see you again, lovely day of the week. Nice to see you too, Sidepodcast visitors and readers alike. Today is a very special day, of course. You see, Formula 1 2010 is now finally out worldwide! Hurrah! Make sure you head over to the dedicated F1 2010 thread to see what everyone else has to say as well as letting us know how you're finding the game. Also, did you know that Honda was found on this very day 62 years ago? Ahh, Honda F1 team were stuff made of legend. Then there was the amazingness that are Brawn. Then, everything went grey and Michael. Nevertheless, maybe you did know that fact. But still, now you double know! Of course, there's plenty more to talk about today.

Daily: 23rd September 2010

Hello all and happy Thursday. Not sure happy Thursday and sidepodcast go together but there must be some good news around. Take 1. Mr C is ill so that is not so good. He claims to be dying but Christine is not convinced. Get well soon Mr C.

Daily: 22nd September 2010

Hello people of the midweek, it’s Gavin here. Ready for another smorgasbord of links? Well then, Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your Engines!!!

Daily: 21st September 2010

Good morning ladies and gents! How are you today? How are you after a weekend without Formula 1? Well, we should practice ourselves, because there’re only five races left! But let’s not pull ourselves down and look too far into the future, let’s focus on the present. The very recent past wasn’t that kind with me (in terms of footy), so I really force myself to focus on the present.

Daily: 20th September 2010

Do you remember what happened on this day one year ago?

Daily: 19th September 2010

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re all well and having a nice day? I hope you’re all up to something interesting. I’m going back to university this afternoon while I try and complete my first mini project on carte de visite photography. Anyone a fan of ‘ye olde’ photographs like that? I’d love to know what you think! Aside from making my journey back I’ll also be trying to tune in to Giggles Radio at 4pm, make sure you join me, it’s going to be a great show! However maybe you’re off to the last day of the Goodwood Revival? If you are, or have been this year please please please keep us updated with your thoughts on the day, I would have loved to have gone! So, what if you have no plans today, or if you get some time at one point? Well I’ve found some ideal links for you.

Daily: 18th September 2010

Hello Sidepodpeople and welcome to Saturday. I am back behind the blogging wheel for another daily post, and I thought I would bring it right back to basics with some bullet points and some links. How does that sound? Excellent. Did you know that there are only 104 days left of the year? How scary is that? I would have liked to hit the round 100 but I am not on duty that day, so 104 is the new magic number. Let us move on, though, from numbers to news.

Daily: 17th September 2010

Hello Friday-goers, it must be time for another Daily as wibbly wobbly timey wimey has ticked itself past midnight. It's only fair to start off this Daily with two very big happy birthdays in the world of Formula 1. Whilst both of these guys are English, one of them is a Formula 1 World Champion in 1997, Damon Hill, whilst the other is one of the sport's greatest drivers to never win a championship and that man being Stirling Moss. Stirling had a horrific accident a few months ago and is back on his feet driving at Goodwood Revival which starts today, so it's great to see him back and fit again. So Happy Birthday Damon and Stirling!

Daily: 16th September 2010

Hello, Pat here and I'll be your Daily-writer for today, and perhaps every other Thursday? Who knows, we'll see how this goes.

Daily: 15th September 2010

Hello, Gavin here. I’ve just come back from a Champions League game between FCK (FC Copenhagen) and Rubin Kazan of Russia – who brought along a fearsome contingent of 12 whole supporters. It was a slow game but a decent one, and we won 1-0. The silly people next to us left early and missed the goal too. Here are the rest of the results – spare a thought for poor RG and Spurs, who blew a 2 goal lead away from home to draw against Werder Bremen…

Daily: 14th September 2010

Hi there! My name is Amanda (Google also knows me as amandoloss) and this is my first ever post for sidepodcast.com. I will be keeping you up to date on everything what’s worth of being mentioned every Tuesday. Before I start I’d like to warn you straight away: there will be some footy news in my posts, especially about Liverpool FC, so Manchester fans hiding there somewhere... beware! But let’s get started with some racing stuff, shall we? Bruuuuummmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Daily: 13th September 2010

I'm currently afraid, I am petrified, keep thinking it's going bad with de la Rosa in our side. But on a Sunday night, thinking how it could get better, Peter says the letter, I heard news that I'd prefer. So you might be back, from Pirelli testing, we should never let you go in the first place with that beard on your face. We should have kept you in the car, we should have left you the key. If I'd known for just one second, if Pedro would bother me.

Daily: 12th September 2010

I've missed my deadline for a midnight daily post publication once again. That's okay though because SidepodTime is elastic and it's Sidepodcast's fault for drawing me into an interesting debate in the comments and delaying me anyhow.

Daily: 11th September 2010

Hey everyone, happy Saturday! Our lovely site owner Christine has agreed to swap daily duties with me this weekend as I’m moving into my university accommodation tomorrow (eek!) If you’ve got any advice about university life feel free to add them in the comments, I’m starting to get very nervous! However it’s not just a big weekend for me, it’s a big weekend for us all because this weekend <del>Jenson will get his 10th win </del>… I mean… it’s the last European race of the season before the circus flies off to Singapore. Anyway, lets not talk about the future, lets talk about today. Not sure what to talk about? Well I have some ideas to get you started;

Daily: 10th September 2010

It must be a Friday because I'm back as always delivering a fresh, exciting new daily for you to hopefully enjoy and get plenty of information from. How are you today? Everything fine and dandy? Good, good. I sure hope so, because Formula 1 is on today with Free Practise Sessions 1 and 2 taking place respectively at and BST, as shown in the always useful race information thread. Amy is over there in Monza this weekend with her beloved Kindle 'Alistair' (who I am convinced is melded to her hand) and I'm sure she'll keep us updated as always. But for now - bulletpoints!

Daily: 9th September 2010

Hello and welcome to Thursday, it is so very nearly the weekend and there is F1 action at Monza along with rallying for Kimi to keep us entertained. The winner of last year’s Italian Grand Prix at Monza was Rubens Barrichello, who this weekend will be starting his 301st grand prix (lets hope it goes better than the 300th).

Daily: 8th September 2010

Hello. I’m back writing the Wednesday Daily after a long absence due to holidays and the Spa Grand Prix. In fact, it was exactly a week ago that I returned from that epic trip, and I miss everyone I shared the experience with. You were awesome, guys! Anyway, I found some F1 links for you:

Daily: 7th September 2010

I seem to be on an extended F1 summer holiday at the moment. I didn't get as much done during the allocated shutdown as I'd hoped and thus have quietly continued as if the racing is yet to resume. Damn inconvenient of the FIA to have scheduled Spa and Monza before I was ready.

Daily: 6th September 2010

Morning. You alright? Good, thats what I like to hear. How are your family? Good too, aw that is lovely. I've been meaning to ask you, have you been keeping up with that person lately? No, oh that is a shame, I liked him you know. So did you do anything at the weekend? Ah, the DTM at Brands Hatch I see, any good. It wasn't you say, a bit dull? Oh, you found it tedious do you. Terrible. I hear that football you didn't like at the weekend was rather good. Oh, you want me to be quiet? Well fine, I'll just do the bulletpoints.

Daily: 5th September 2010

Hello my lovely fellow commenters, ahh it’s nice to be back on daily duties again. I hope you’re all having an enjoyable weekend so far. I think it’s fair to say that I’ve had a slightly different weekend than I had last week. However in order to ease my post SidepodSpa blues I’m writing this daily to the soundtrack of rain. Ahhh it’s like being in Belgium all over again! Right then, on with the daily, what do we have to look through today?