Daily: 14th October 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to the second of my regular daily posts. The key question is after this one will I actually continue including the number? It's hard to say.

Daily: 13th October 2010

Hello Everyone. How has your week gone so far? I do hope you are all having fun. Here are some links for you to read on this fine Wednesday...

Daily: 12th October 2010

It’s another Tuesday and I am glad you’re starting this day with me. Despite of no proper football it’s been a quite sport-packed weekend. One moment … I have to concentrate and consider where to start … Right. Since I already mentioned footie, I shall conduct this thought to a proper end.

Daily: 11th October 2010

Can I start off with a rant? Yes, yes I can, South Shields got a mention of this weeks XFactor and trended on twitter. This makes me deeply unhappy, since South Shields is, in my eyes, worse than Middlesbrough. Am I saying this because I much prefer North Shields, yes, yes I am.

Daily: 10th October 2010

Since Lou is feeling ill I am doing today’s daily post and its theme is science with a twist. So today is sidepodscience day. I am sure by now everyone is aware of the anti-awards shows that have appeared over the last decade which award prizes not for excellence but for failure or someone other apparently negative reason. The first one I became aware of were the razzies (raspberries) which are the anti-Oscars.

Daily: 9th October 2010

Hello! Welcome to Saturday and the second Australia day daily.......day......daily.....post. We see many wonderful, interesting and informative things on Sidepodcast. This probably won't be one of them. This is, however, my very first post (if it passes editing). You would think after two years it would have happened earlier. If you are reading this you will now know that anyone can post up on SPC. Go on, write something wonderful for us!

Daily: 8th October 2010

Hello once again to one and all as we begin another Friday together with that oh so lovely weekend approaching. This weekend is a Formula 1 weekend of course at the excellent Suzuka circuit in Japan so as always we have the pleasure of Free Practise 1 and 2 at the not so friendly time of 0200 and 0600 BST so it's back to getting up at silly o'clock for the sport we all love today! Of course there is the always awesome Race Information thread here at Sidepodcast to help out. So, what else is there worth discussing today then?

Daily: 7th October 2010

Hello again, Pat here and it is my turn to write this Thursday's Daily, a weekday so devious the work has to be shared between Alex and myself just so it doesn't take its toll on us, although as I said last time I tend to find Wednesdays harder for some reason.

Daily: 6th October 2010

Hey everyone - it's another wicked Wednesday. I do hope your week is going well and that you are all keeping on top of things. Because this was written on the Tuesday before a long haul race, there's not many news stories. I do have a lot of links for you though...

Daily: 5th October 2010

Hello my dear fellow sidepodcasters! It’s Tuesday again and I am glad you starting this Tuesday with my post. Because that’s what you’re doing, aren’t you? You’d better …! We’re having a lovely autumn here in Cologne, I hope you’re able to enjoy this season without an umbrella wherever you are. In case you didn’t know: it’s World Teacher’s Day today. Are you glad you do not have to go to school anymore? I am. I hated mathematics. And physics. And chemistry. This whole boring stuff … brrrrrrrrr!! Well, I still hate it. *shudders*

Daily: 4th October 2010

The battle is nearly won my friends. We have the advantage, we look the best. The conditions have failed to be kind, but in the end used for our benefit. This is the year we win it back, snatch it away from the hands of the enemy. Use this lead, take it with both hands and slaughter them, make them wish they never came to Wales, make them cry, win the Ryder Cup.

Daily: 3rd October 2010

Hello my lovely Sidepodfriends, I hope you’re all well this fine Sunday morning. Have you all got plans for today? Well it’s the opening of the Commonwealth games in New Delhi today, which means no Jake Humphrey next weekend for BBC coverage of the Grand Prix which is sad, but that’s a whole 7 days away. In the mean time we can sit back and enjoy these lovely images of the preparations for the games, as collected by the boston big picture.

Daily: 2nd October 2010

Hello, Amy here, bringing you the first of the Down Under Dailies. Stay tuned over the following Saturdays for dailies from Paul, Jeremy and Pamela as well. I’ve always tried to avoid writing daily posts as I’m never quite sure what to write about so I have decided on a theme to make it easier. So Amy dailies are now your Heikki News Monthly dailies. You’re welcome.

Daily: 1st October 2010

Pinch, punch, first of the month! No returns! How on earth is it October already? How the year has absolutely flown by so quickly. Also, how can I follow a daily as good as yesterdays? Very cool idea from the always innovative Alex Andronov but I can't promise mine will be as exciting as his was! But that was yesterday, and today is Friday so I shall try my best to provide you with some quality reading from the world of Formula 1, Golf and graphic novels.

Daily: 30th September 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to the first of my regular daily posts. I'll be covering Thursdays with <a href="http://toomuchracing.com/">Pat W</a> I think although I forgot last week and Steven Roy had to do it (he still doesn't have a blog so can't really have a link but I could link to <a href="http://sidepodcast.com/author/steven-roy/">his author tag on Sidepodcast</a>). But anyway the point is that Thursdays are pretty terrible affairs, everyone knows that, and that is why it's best that no one commentator attempts to takle the covering of Thursdays alone.

Daily: 29th September 2010

Hey there, another Wednesday, so another daily beckons. I have quite a few links for you today... but mostly on one particular subject. The Lotus Stuff... The big news after this Grand Prix is that it's all about the Lotus... Which Lotus are we talking about though? It seems like this story is starting to really unfold and it seems to be quite complex

Daily: 28th September 2010

Welcome to the second daily of this new week. I hope you’d had a nice Monday and I hope this Tuesday will be even better. I like Tuesdays. Do you? I like this one in particular, because it means I have only two days left till my “holidays”. I took myself four days off and I am going to visit my Dutch friend in Venlo, the home of VVV Venlo, a football team you definitely do not need to know. Or follow. Trust me.

Daily: 27th September 2010

You. Yes you, I like the look of you. I'm not sure why, but you look good. Smart, thats always a good sign in the end. Hey now I know you can hear me so don't shy away like that. Come closer, come on, closer than that. Look, there is a chair here that you could sit on and its right next to me. I'm not going to hurt you now, look, I'm from Newcastle, we love everyone and wouldn't hurt a fly. Great, you are seated, you can hear me, lets get the bulletpoint party started.

Daily: 26th September 2010

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well this fine Sunday. It’s the last day of the week, and I hope you’re all spending it relaxing and enjoying the break. I’m not sure about you but the last 6 days have gone very slowly and I’ve been rather grateful for a quieter weekend. However it’s an f1 weekend, which means lots of time being spent in front of a computer, no change there then. Although this weekend the cars are all sparkly and stuff so definitely worth checking them out. While the F1 circus (plus Amy) enjoy the humidity and darkness of everyone’s favourite night race, those of us unfortunate enough to be stuck at home must occupy ourselves with something. Which is of course what the bullet points are for;

Daily: 25th September 2010

We may or may not be expecting a daily from someone else, so I am posting this here for now, in the hopes that no one actually reads it. I wonder if that has ever happened on Sidepodcast before? On my last daily, I was slightly told off for beginning a countdown to the end of the year. It was unintentional, as I do not normally partake in counting down to things. That being the case, I won't tell you that there are now 97 days to go. So, on to the bullet points!