Daily: 22nd January 2011

Hyvää huomenta! Good morning! We haven't caught up with Heikki news since last year, so I'm here to fill you in with what you may have missed. Heikki started 2011 by going to a metal themed New Years party, and he let Catherine near him with her eyeliner. My opinion is this is not his best look, how about you?

Daily: 21st January 2011

Hello all! Surprise! I must first apologise for the lateness of my daily, and secondly for taking Lukeh’s wonderful Friday daily away from you. However I have good news, he’ll be back covering for me on Sunday, so you wont have to wait long. Oh my goodness!! 51 days until the Bahrain Grand Prix!! So that means tomorrow we can start the 50 day countdown! The off season really has flown by this year. Anyway, on with today rather than the countdown

Daily: 20th January 2011

Those of you looking for Alex’s post may be disappointed as he is not writing it today. Rather than ask for volunteers to cover for him Alex dived into the comments and found Steven and Kai and volunteered them...us. Normally doing a daily is not a big deal but people expect something special from Alex and we don’t like to leave anyone disappointed. We knocked around a few suggestions but it was Christine who gave us the idea of fighting a duel.

Daily: 19th January 2011

Hello there, how have you been? Last time I wrote a daily I was getting mushy at New Year. I can guarantee this one won't be like that. In fact, I might just go right back to how the daily began with just a few links in a lovely bullet point list. It'll be nostalgic, you'll like it.

Daily: 18th January 2011

Hello aaaaaaaaaaaaand welcooooooooome!! I have to start this daily with an apology, but since I am swamped with work (plus night shifts due to Australian Open) this daily is going to be only about the very important sports news and stories you must know for today. I am really sorry for that, but as the new season is coming closer and closer there is loads of work at roadrunner racing.

Daily: 17th January 2011

Is Luka Modric the best good looking ugly footballer in the world?

Daily: 16th January 2011

It's Sunday, and time for a super-sub daily post to cover for an unwell Lou. I shouldn't be writing this really, there's much behind-the-scenes work to be done during what little F1 pre-season remains (just 56 days at the time of writing).

Daily: 15th January 2011

Hello, hope you are all well. My last daily was written in the early days of a Melbourne Summer, but this daily is written in the middle of an English Winter. Obligingly, the snow fall began on my first day here (I did want a white Christmas), so I managed to take some very pretty photos. Snow is so amazing, it helps even the most amateur of photographers to take lovely shots.

Daily: 14th January 2011

A big hello to all you folk out there wherever you may be and welcome to that day of the week that the gods of ancient past called 'Awesumus Dayus ofthy Weekus', also known as Friday. You may be in Birmingham for the Autosport International or you may be somewhere else on this fine day but I can guarantee you plenty of good times and links to share out in this daily. It's also a good chance to share out the birthday wishes as Formula 1 celebrates the birthdays of Giancarlo Fisichella and Narain Karthekaiyan today! Which is awesome! And I spelt Narry's name right! Yesss!! It's a good day already.

Daily: 13th January 2011

Hello there, happy Thursday. So my wardrobe, it finally arrived after a month's delay! I'm very happy because I put it together tonight (hence why I'm a bit late writing this) and for the first time since September I have a tidy bedroom - it feels so much calmer and less chaotic now. I'm a firm believer that even if the rest of the house is an utter tip, the bedroom must be tidy because that is your place of rest, your sanctuary even. A big 'get well soon' to all those suffering colds and 'flu and anything else. doo do do do do do baah

Daily: 12th January 2011

Hello Homepage visitor! Isn't this a lovely page, eh? Well, just to reward you for your visit I have a little Easter Egg that didn't appear in today's daily: "The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. --Mark Twain" Have a great day!

Daily: 11th January 2011

Huhu!!! Guess who's back? It's no other than me. :-) This is my first "proper" daily in 2011 and it won't be less packed with footie facts than the other ones. Before I begin with links and other goodies: Happy New Year! I said it in my <a href="http://sidepodcast.com/post/spanish-wednesday-5th-january-2011">Spanish Daily</a> already, but I think it has to be said in the "proper" daily too. If you still haven't had enough of celebrating you can celebrate the <a href="http://familycrafts.about.com/od/holidays/p/MilkDay.htm">day milk was delivered in bottles for the first time</a> (January 11th in 1878). If that's not an occasion ???!!!

Daily: 10th January 2011

Hello, and as this is my first Daily of 2011, Happy New Year! Your regular Monday-writer RG has been busy revising for an exam - good luck RG! - and I've stepped in as we seem to be missing a stand-in post. I feel I owe a post anyway after forgetting one myself a couple of weeks ago. :) The 3rd Bloggers' Swap Shop is coming up soon, check out the pairings at VivaF1 which has recently had a really nice facelift. I'll be writing for Leigh and hosting words written by Gavin and Adie and there are also some new faces on the list, which is great to see - I'm really looking forward to it! Posts will appear on the weekend of January 21st.

Daily: 9th January 2011

Welcome to ‘Smiley Sunday’ yes that’s right another day of smiles please, there is nothing better than happy comments. Why don’t you all tell us what has made you smile today? I’ll go first - We now only have 61 days until Bahrain FP1, that’s just 8 short weekends without F1! Yipeee! Speaking of F1, we’re now out of the silent/ holiday part of the off season and news agencies and journalists are starting to type out many lovely stories to keep us all ticking over until testing starts.

Daily: 8th January 2011

Welcome to Saturday. Let's have a song from Cold Chisel called (appropriately) Saturday Night. It is performed here by my favourite member of the band (from the 70s/80s), Ian Moss. Feel free to watch other youtube clips of the song, performed by the whole band, in the days when drinking a bottle of vodka on stage was acceptable.

Daily: 7th January 2011

Helloooooo!! It's a big fresh new year for us all to enjoy and my first daily of 2011, how exciting. I hope you all have had a good New Years celebration and have all duly recovered by this point, but what with everyone returning back to work and whatnot we're all wanting to be positive around these parts and so the positivity shall continue today, hurrah! After all it is Friday and the weekend is nearly here already. In fact did you know today is Lewis Hamilton's birthday? A big happy birthday to him, although with all things in the world he has I bet he doesn't have a pack of Chewits so someone should buy him some for his birthday. Now, onwards with the Daily!

Daily: 6th January 2011

Another day... another daily... Alex "Giggles" Andronov returns with another daily post featuring news, F1 and not F1 links!

Daily: 5th January 2011

Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it. -- Groucho Marx

Daily: 4th January 2011

Well, this is my first ever daily, so I hope it's up to standards. I haven't done anything special, just going to put some links together to waste some of your time. This off season thing seems to be carrying on, but fear not, we're now only 4 weeks away from testing and car releases and around 10 weeks from Bahrain. Although I'm not too sure whether Bahrain will be worth the wait..

Daily: 3rd January 2011

"Aaaaaaand welcome back to the darts game live, here, at the Liiiiiiiiiiiinking Palace, Lundon. And we got a cracker here between two verrry decent playahs, we got Rubens Barrichello, two one up 'ere against a decent Ciaran Clark. And alongside me is Wayne Marple."