Daily: 2nd January 2011

I hope you’ve all recovered from New Years Eve by now and are enjoying your well earned rest this weekend. Have you been up to much? I bring brilliant news… "70 days, 11 hours and 58 minutes until the Bahrain Grand Prix. #f1" Yes that’s right, 70 days!! That’s just 10 weeks! We’ve still got a loads of things between now and the start of the season, however maybe it’s best to concentrate on the present for a bit so you’ve all got interesting topics to talk about/ read about over today. So lets get on with the links.

Daily: 1st January 2011

This is the one time of year when I don't roll my eyes at Mr C when he gets emotional and starts thanking and hugging people. Unfortunately, I have banned him from the site while he works on other behind the scenes things, and that means it falls to me. I'm not good at this stuff, but I will do my best.

Daily: 31st December 2010

Hello once again friends, and welcome to the very last day of 2010. It's been quite a year hasn't it? Of course today is Decemeber 31st and whilst it is indeed my birthday today (Happy birthday me!) it is more importantly New Years eve and I'm sure many of you are preparing for celebrations to go into a fresh new year of good times and F1 racing. Of course, the comments will always be here so you're always welcome to come share this final day of 2010 with all the commentors in this fine e-stablishment.

Daily: 30th December 2010

SURPRISE!! No-one posted a daily today so to save Mr C wasting three hours of his life writing one I volunteered. I blame Lou. There was a time when I volunteered other people to do things but Lou has turned that on its head and now she is volunteering other people and I am volunteering myself even before someone suggests it. She has a lot to answer for.

Daily: 29th December 2010

Hi there. The last Wednesday of 2010 eh? What a year it has been! And while the F1 circus has been on their Christmas Holidays, there have been a few stories of note and plenty from the blogs to link to. So let's get to it eh?

Daily: 28th December 2010

Hello, good morning, afternoon, evening or very late evening/night. So it’s my last daily in year 2010. I hope it was a good year, but I hope the upcoming 2011 will be better for all of you. And me. :-) I also hope you had fantastic Christmas wherever and however you might have spent it. As for me I had very busy Christmas this year, oh yeah ... I had to catch up with some sleep, watch tennis, football Champions League classics, winter sports reviews, previews, reviews of reviews and Premier League so I've been quite busy. Busy with relaxing. :-) Even though the world of sports and formula 1 particulary took some days off this fantastic channel provided my with some good stuff. Thank you God (of sports) for Eurosport! Otherwise ... I do not even want to think about it. :-)

Daily: 27th December 2010

Previously on The Daily: Basically Nigel killed the Wicked Driver of the West, met the Wizzard's of Aus who told him where Santa was and SENT JERMAIN DEFOE OFF DESPITE THE FACT IT CLEARLY WASN'T INTENTIONAL AND WASN'T A RED CARD. Oh sorry, the last bit didn't happen, that was Martin Atkinson, I've got over that, honest. Erm, on with the Daily.

Daily: 26th December 2010

Hello everyone in the lovely Sidepodland. I hope you had the most fabulous Christmas day yesterday, what did you do? Many left overs? Tell us in the comments, we’re always interested to know! So today is Boxing day, the day we put things into boxes or something. The only thing I know that’s happening today is the cricket. So if you’re into cricket I suppose you may be watching that, but other than that maybe people have just planned a quiet day in? Or maybe you’re braving the shops for the traditional manic sales! – good luck if you are!

Daily: 25th December 2010

Merry Christmas everyone! This year I got you something pretty good but I wasn’t quite sure how to wrap it so if you just look down a bit you’ll see it. It’s Heikki news!

Daily: 24th December 2010

Congratulations on visiting the homepage! You have found my secret message. I welcome your decision to address Sidepodcast by coming here first because Mr C very much likes people to use the homepage and I try to help out any way I can to help it get more attention. Whilst you should definitely join us in the Daily by clicking the link above, please do visit the homepage more because it's full of good info and lots of good blog posts, and look how lovely it is with those images and classic podcasts and the factbyte factbox. Lovely!

Daily: 23rd December 2010

As the group of Sergio, Felipe, Adrian and Nigel skipped on through the snow, they came across a small village, which oddly had people in short sleeves, starting off the barbeques and had no snow around. Adrian was the first to speak out of the shock, "Those lucky..." he was cut off from two men approaching him who spoke.

Daily: 22nd December 2010

Well hello there people! Not long until Christmas now, is it? With only three more days to go (two if you live on continental Europe) things are starting to get pretty hectic … and yet oddly they seem to slow down at the same time… Seeing as it’s Christmas, how about some F1-themed Christmas cards?

Daily: 21st December 2010

Hello and servus! Welcome to my last daily before Christmas and I am glad you have found a few spare minutes to read it. But since the countries in this part of the world are covered in snow and the normal life has been disabled in many ways you do have the time anyway. Unless you are a poor traveler who got stuck at an airport or a bus/train station. But then you can't read this daily anyway due to a lack of internet access. Unless there IS an internet access and you are able to kill the time whith surfing in the web. However if you really were and unlucky traveler who got stuck somewhere between A or B (or B and C) you probably would have searched in the web for some help than ... OK. I shall stop in here before I got stuck in my weired, far from logical, reasoning. :-)

Daily: 20th December 2010

Welcome to Monday. RG went off to bed feeling ill so Lou volunteered me as a last minute substitute. I do not have an inventive daily planned like RG’s recent fabulous post so you will need to settle for something a bit more basic. On Sunday night Christine broke out the Factbyte Factbox to cover the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. The replay is available for those who missed it.

Daily: 19th December 2010

Hello Everyone and welcome to another Sidepodpositive day, it’s Sunday today and well what’s not positive about such a wonderful day of the week! Despite the snow, and disruption it can cause let’s look on the bright side. At least we can all snuggle up at home this weekend! Duvet days for everyone!

Daily: 18th December 2010

Hello! It's me again! Wow! So many exlamation marks! I think I might be spending too much time with Jaime. :-) Who's been having good time recently, by the way. Yes! Before I begin let me explain what I am doing here on Saturday. Well, Pamela isn't able to do her daily so I volunteerd. Only for you, lovely readers. :-) Al right then, let's check what's going on in the world of Formula 1:

Daily: 17th December 2010

Hello, is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can here me. Is there anybody home? oh there is? Well that's just wonderful, I'm glad you are because it's Friday and we've got a fun day of positivity and good times ahead today so we're all going to have a good day! In fact, did you know that it was on this very day in 1987 that The Simpsons debuted as a prime time cartoon show? It only felt right to include today's festive picture as a scene from 'Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire', the very first episode of which was shown all those years ago today. Can you believe it's been so long?!

Daily: 16th December 2010

Hiya. I seem to be having a week of Thursdays at the moment, it isn't going well, though I do like to think I get them out of the way in one go so that I can then have a nice long run of good Thursdays! I hope yours will be good. I like to use my Dailies as a little diary of what I've been up to since last time we met here, but you've caught me just when I'm feeling a bit pressured from work and other things. I've so much I want to get done especially with blog posts and associated projects, I'd made big plans for it this winter and haven't been able to touch it really what with moving and everything, most frustrating. After a hard day at work it is far more enjoyable to fall into the comments or Twitter and just hang out for a while! Absolutely nothing wrong in that of course.

Daily: 15th December 2010

Hello everyone! How are you all? I have just come home from a mad evening of hectic Christmas shopping. But never fear, I have all of my presents and I have been keeping tabs on the stories I wanted to link to using the brilliant Instapaper service (Cheers Giggles!)

Daily: 14th December 2010

Hello ladies and gents! I am back. Did you miss me? Oohhhh, that's so sweet of you! I couldn't be here for you last Tuesday, but Mr.C helped out. Thank you once again! The daily was nearly as good as mine would have been. Hahahaha Joking!