Daily: 10th February 2011

Hello and welcome to Thursday. I am having a relaxing evening and nearly forgot it was my turn. I've got the red wine out and the Sigur Rós playing thanks to Lukeh's post about music videos. So.. what's been going on?

Daily: 9th February 2011

'Ello and welcome to the 9th February 2011, how exciting! Gavin is off on holiday at the moment (lucky for some) so here I am with a daily post, my first of 2011 as well, to help you on your way today.

Daily: 8th February 2011

Get well soon, Robert (Kubica)!

Daily: 7th February 2011

Hello there. We are lacking a daily and I have pieced together the mystery of why. There was some internet connectivity issues between RG and Sidepodcast last night, which immediately places the blame at MediaTemple's door, no matter who is really at fault. RG tweeted Mr C, who was so busy watching the Superbowl, that he forgot to do anything about it. Et voilà! I am filling in with a super-duper daily today.

Daily: 6th February 2011

The Bathurst 12 Hours is underway, the Premier League witnessed a gluttony of goals and Formula 1 prepares for more testing - this time in Jerez.

Daily: 5th February 2011

Hello once again lovely people, Lukeh here ready to guide you through Saturday after Pamela needed to swap days due to not being able to write today's Daily. Now I know what you may be thinking - around these parts, Saturday is usually Australian Saturday here in the daily. We get some fabulous dailies from Amy, Pamela, Paul and Jeremy as they swap their duties about but as you can imagine I am not Australian, but rather of the Welsh variety from Wales. I do live in South Wales though, and there is a New South Wales in Australia so it kind of works out. Anyways as you can see I have decided to selotape my area of living to Australia and now I can proudly take part in Australian Saturday. All is well again! Hurrah!

Daily: 4th February 2011

No, it’s not Saturday just yet, but Lukeh has kindly agreed to swap days with me as I may be offline tomorrow. Thanks Lukeh! So the first testing session of the year has wrapped up in Valencia. I have decided that this year I will call the green and yellow team Lotus, and the black and gold team will be called Renault. Easy!

Daily: 3rd February 2011

A daily post that celebrates the Homepage... Now that's not something you see every daily.

Daily: 2nd February 2011

It's all about Launch Day and testing has started in earnest. This part of the year is just like "Transfer Deadline Day" for F1 and I love it! I'm as excited as Jaime Alguersuari (JEJEJEJEEE)!

32, 56, badgers, mascara, hike!

32, 56, badgers, mascara, hike!... Who knows what the quarterback says in the huddle and who knows what the black stuff all those huge men wear under their eyes is?

Daily: 1st February 2011

We've got Luis Suarez, but the one, who we loved so much, left.

Daily: 31st January 2011

I'm watching Sky Sports News all day to see if Jim White actually explodes this time.

Daily: 30th January 2011

Formula 1 personnel began arriving in Valencia yesterday, the 24 Hours of Daytona races on in darkness and Crofty saves the day with his iPhone. it must be time for another Sidepodcast Daily.

Daily: 29th January 2011

Welcome to Saturday. I'm going to open with some rather embarrassing video from early 1980's Australia to celebrate the recent Australia Day public holiday on the 26th of January. It's a great song about Errol Flynn by Australian Crawl, but what is with those haircuts?

Daily: 28th January 2011

Hey! Hello! I'm sorry, it's been so long since I last wrote a daily for you that I fear you may have forgotten about me. I';m still here, honest. It's Friday again and I'm back to ease you into the weekend as usual with a myriad of links and interesting things for you to read and watch. Can you believe it's 28th January already? It's utterly absurd, it feels like it was the 27th January just yesterday! Oh how time flies. Of course today is hugely important because it's the birthday of one of F1's biggest drivers ever - Takuma Sato!! Happy birthday Takuma! You should celebrate by playing F1 2010 and doing this again. Good times.

Daily: 27th January 2011

Hello. How are you? In this Daily we talk of Paul di Resta, Nico Rosberg's new style, UK TV coverage of American racing, mention the GBS Blogathon and share a few songs you might be interested in.

Daily: 26th January 2011

Hello all. Wednesday, innit? Better find some links for you then:

Daily: 25th January 2011

Ferrer, you are a nice bloke, but you are not going to win this.

Daily: 24th January 2011

I was 4 minutes away from having to wear a paper bag over my head to school tomorrow on Saturday...

Daily: 23rd January 2011

For emergency Daily posts to be written, please break the glass and Gavin will do it for you ;) Did you guys who went to the Coal Hole enjoy yourselves? I do hope you didn't get too Bassanoed ;) On to Sunday then...