Hello. I'm back writing the Wednesday Daily after a long absence due to holidays and the Spa Grand Prix. In fact, it was exactly a week ago that I returned from that epic trip, and I miss everyone I shared the experience with. You were awesome, guys!

Anyway, I found some F1 links for you:

  • Everyone's favourite mad Japanese Driver, Kamui Kobayashi, has signed with Sauber for 2011, with no word on who his team mate will be. I suppose it's fair - he's done decently with an OK car. But what of Pedalo, though?
  • Lotus are closing in on a Renault deal, primarily because the Xtrac gearboxes and transmissions designed to work with the Cosworth Engine have simply not been reliable enough. I wouldn't mind seeing a Lotus-Renault again!
  • Everyone's favourite circuit designer, Hermann Tilke, has given an interview with AUTOSPORT (behind the Paywall). He reckons it's not his fault, honest! Although, considering the budgets of some of these new circuits I find it hard to believe his hands were THAT tied up...
  • Martin Whitmarsh has told F1 to get it's act together, or there will be threats of another split. Yay, as if we need to go through all of that again :(
  • Of course Joe has been busy writing, with today's posts of note being one about a lack of a 13th team...
  • ...but more importantly, today is the day where Ferrari have to appear before the World Motorsport Council to see if further punishment will be dealt out for the team orders debacle at the German Grand Prix. I hope they do get severely punished, but sadly in the past the FIA have not been so keen to pounce on the boys in red for various reasons. Expect to see a fine or the points from that race taken away (the equivalent of the wet bus ticket) I reckon...
  • Lukeh should have an excellent guest post about his KangarooTV experience at the Belgian Grand Prix coming up soon, which he has kindly allowed me to contribute to. Look forward to it, it's a cracking read!

Finally, I would just like to mention that as we prepare for the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, it was this week 40 years ago that Jochen Rindt was killed at the circuit and became the first (and so far, only) posthumous world champion. I don't know much about him but I have found him to be a fascinating character, who has been largely forgotten in all except the unusual manner in which he became world champion.

To give you an insight into a driver who was destined for greatness, check out Tony Dodgins' article on AUTOSPORT (paywall) or catch the series by MotorSport Magazine called "Jochen Rindt - by his rivals" which was written by Anthony Rowlinson, now the executive editor of The Red Bulletin Magazine.

That's all from me. Enjoy your Wednesday and don't forget to unpack those tools and warm up those engines ready for what will be an exciting F1 weekend at Monza - I am sure of it!

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