I seem to be on an extended F1 summer holiday at the moment. I didn't get as much done during the allocated shutdown as I'd hoped and thus have quietly continued as if the racing is yet to resume. Damn inconvenient of the FIA to have scheduled Spa and Monza before I was ready.

Todo do do, Tada da da

My ever growing list of things to write about has recently been pushed to one side. I really ought to get around to reviewing the new Autosport App for the iPhone. I don't have time to do it justice, but in slightly less than 600 words - it is a recommended purchase for any F1 fan, buy now if you can.

Also on the to-do list, is a round-up of what went down in London when the Sidepodcast community descended on a small unsuspecting public house on The Strand. There is much to be said, many tales to be told, but in the meantime Pat has provided a fabulous account of the night on his blog. A blog that perhaps ought be renamed "Too Much Drinking" instead.

Thankfully, Christine has been vastly more productive than yours truly, yesterday posting Tweets of the Week and updating her Driver Rankings. Do have a read if you haven't caught them already, they're as brilliant as ever.

Version 3.0

I haven't extended my summer break because I'm lazy, you understand. I'm having to do so, because the pace of change in the tech world is massive right now. I believe 2010 might well turn out to be a watershed year in the history of the internet. If Web 2.0 was all about socialising and sharing, Web 3.0 (or whatever it gets named) will be about being awesome. Plain and simple.

Hopefully some of that awesome will filter down to this very site, we've got comment editing coming towards the end of the month, while the comments themselves should see a redesign a little sooner. Here's a quick preview of a revised preview pane under construction.

Story image

Do also keep an eye on the Factbyte Factbox before the end of the season. We're as pleased with the FBFB as anything we've ever done and we've hardly got started yet.

There are even more interesting and unique things on the horizon, but they can be saved for another time (or another meetup if you buy enough drinks). If we can find the time, we might just be able to change the whole F1 community experience. Maybe.

Oh yeah, F1. I should apologise for the lack of motorsport content in this post (or any sport for that matter, however.. erm.. tedious). To make up for it, here's a video of Karun Chandhok driving a Red Bull around the not even remotely finished Korean GP circuit.

Looks I'm not the only one scrabbling to find more time. Catch you in the comments.

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