Hello again!! How have you been? You right there, staring at this daily from whatever technological device you own. Another Friday has arrived and I'm back from Spa to guide you into the day. Did you know that this time last week 10 other lovely Sidepodders and myself were getting drenched by the Belgian rain? Of course you did! But that was then and we must look what wonderful, wierd and downright wacky things are worth looking at on this Friday. That can mean only one thing - bulletpoints!

  • It's always worth kicking off with a bit of Formula 1 news just to make sure we get it out in the open and known. For example, did you know that Yamamoto looks set to keep his drive for the remainder of the season? I'm a little appalled that he's still in there driving his car because I do not rate the man at all in terms of his F1 ability. Shame it's a waste of a drive personally but there we go. We also have been provided the latest Ted News from Mr Kravitz as he looks at the aftermath after the Belgian GP and Ted's article is always a good read after the race as he starts to pick up the pieces and put them together like a knowledgable puzzle champion. Further speculation has been added into the Lotus engine for 2011 as more talk has been put out there to the rumours that Lotus are considering Renault engines which I feel would be a huge boost for them as, unlike Williams and their progress, Lotus still haven't got the best out of their Cosworth engine despite probably being the fastets of the new teams.
  • Ferrari are starting up a Ferrari Virtual Academy competition or what I assume is a competition next week where people get to drive this years Ferrari, virtually of course, around Mugello, Fiorano and the Nurburgring. I'm not entirely sure what the competition achieves or how to even try it out but I suppose it's something different from the team. Also, the launch comes with awkward clips of Fisico, Alonso and Massa so that's always worth a watch. Let's just hope Virtual Ferrari doesn't come with Virtual Team Orders. Finally, still on a virtual note we're just 3 weeks away from the hugely anticipated release of the Formula 1 2010 game and to celebrate this week, a 30 minute interview can be found here and here, which is totally worth watching for the amount of information that comes out of it. Can't wait for that game!!!!
  • I couldn't go a whole Daily after our eventful trip without mentioning Spa and what a fantastic week it was. For a first grand prix it was quite something and I've already written up a bit on my time away with some wonderful people. It really was a lovely few days and as a little present we even recorded you guys a podcast on our final night to give something back for everyone as we truly wished everyone could be with us. It's not just Spa people are blogging about though, as here at Sidepodcast Alex Snell has updated us on part 6 of his epic world tour adventure following F1 as he makes his way to Germany and Hungary. Really loving Alex's updates here on Sidepodcast and I'm sure you'll be hearing more from not only him but the SidepodSpa crew in terms of blog posts over the next few days and weeks.
  • And now to close off the bullet points, here are some bits of bobs from around the interwebs you may be interested in. Google have released version 6 of Google Chrome which is available to download whilst iTunes 10 is now readily available for all to download despite the fact it makes everything super monotone. On the topic of Google Chrome, if you have the browser you definitely have to try this out - an interactive music video brought to you by the fantastic Arcade Fire and a single from their recently new (and wonderful) album The Suburbs that all utilises HTML 5 and is hugely impressive. Finally, if you'[re a fan of Joe Saward's writing you may be interested to know he has a new book now out which is explained in more detail by the man himself here. I'm still desperately needing to buy Grand Prix Saboteurs but we all know how hugely interesting Joe is in anything he writes or records!

Every week I write a Daily, I write it up whilst listening to an album but I've never mentioned it so from this week onwards I thought I'd let you know. Today's Daily was written to Disk 1 of Echoes by Pink Floyd. Lots and lots of classic music on there, can't go wrong with a bit of Pink Floyd.

And I think that's that. I know a lot of people will be returning to school and college from next week so enjoy this final free Friday and weekend to the most and have a good time! I also wanted to once again give a big, big thank you and collaborative hug to all of you Sidepodcast commentors because being in Spa with such wonderful people from the comments shows just how fantastic the community is here on Sidepodcast and the tagline is so correct in saying 'All for F1, F1 for all'. So have a big hug on me and join me in the comments for another day of commenting awesomeness.

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