It is Saturday once again, and to kick off our daily today, let's have a picture reminding us of what the weather was like in Spa this time last week:

Tonio Liuzzi is but a blur as he navigates a damp Spa-Francorchamps

Credit: Force India F1

Tonio Liuzzi is but a blur as he navigates a damp Spa-Francorchamps

It was a bit wet. Still, this weekend seems to be a bit brighter in the UK, at least. I can't speak for Spa, but I don't suppose that matters anymore. Our weather watching has moved on to Korea, as Karun Chandhok heads there to try and attempt a lap around what appears to be a building site. - All set to go ! Weather in Seoul looks messy though...

karunchandhok's Twitter avatarkarunchandhok

His last tweet at the time of writing suggests he's arrived at his hotel after a rather convoluted journey. The weather at the moment? Tomorrow sunshine, Sunday rain. I'm not sure when the drive is scheduled to take place.

Meanwhile, the site is full of news and views at the moment. Particularly, pointing out that F1 Rocks is returning to the calendar - next week at the Italian Grand Prix. Guess what? The headline act is not Simple Minds or Mariah Carey, it's... drum roll please... the Stereophonics. Not bad at all. The organisers are keen for the event to make a splash:

The Stereophonics headlining our show is very exciting. Milan’s Formula One heritage and status as a fashion and style capital makes it a perfect place for F1 Rocks

Rob Montague

In non-F1 news, the IndyCar qualifying happened last night, and whilst I am not going to be Factbyte Factboxing this race (check out the last one we did, it was great fun!), it's still worth seeing who's doing well and who isn't. Here are the top five qualifiers:

PositionDriverSpeed (mph)
1Ed Carpenter217.9
2Will Power217.8
3Dan Wheldon217.7
4Scott Dixon217.5
5Hideki Mutoh217.3

I still find it weird that they measure pole on speed, but I suppose it does make a bit of sense round an oval. Also, I know for a fact that Ed Carpenter is the one who was driving a gold car. Go me!

Finally, and simply because I am trying to beat the Sidepodrecord for most widgets used in a daily post, here's an awesome tweet/picture from the CFO of Virgin.

Looks like I'm not going home anytime soon unless they move this truck :-/

markhendy's Twitter avatarmarkhendy

That is one of the perils of working for a team I had not thought about! On that note, have a great day, let us know what you're up to, and I will see you in the comments.

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