Heeeeeeeeey everyone. I hope you are all well. It’s been a month since I last got a daily post under my belt and now I’m raring to go. Where am I raring to go you ask? To the Sidepodcast Homepage...


...I mean I’m not joking...

...The sidepodcast homepage is freakin’ awesome... Lets take a tour of just some of the stuff that’s on there right now!

We have a great post from Lukeh called Going Back to the F1 Future in which he explains how Marty McFly actually invented F1... Not really, he talks about the up coming season and explains what he wants to call the two Lotus Teams.

Okay so what next? We have the latest Audio Button which shows you the latest debrief I’m lovin’ it which I hope you’ve listened to already. The latest video is from the Yas Marina circuit from last year, and talking of the past what about Classic Sidepodcast? Well that is currently showing, for me, an article about how US F1 have signed up a new driver for 2010! It may have been totally untrue but that’s hardly Sidepodcast’s fault, and it’s absolutely classic Sidepodcast. You know what Sidepodcast is like! Always writing articles about what’s going to happen, and then creating podcasts! Classic!

Sometimes I like to push on the Fact Byte Fact Box tab just to quickly find out how long it is until the next race... Don’t tell Christine but it’s not long!

Have you been keeping up with all the freshest F1 News? You haven’t? Is it all a bit overwhelming? It can be sometimes... Pssst! Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone but there’s this killer podcast which takes the news about F1 and condenses it into a single minute. You’re bound to have time for that. I hear that they were going to call it F1 1 minute but then they realised some people would have thought it was F11 Minute which is a rival podcast about fighter jets so instead they went for F1 Minute which is even better. And remember that bit where I said shhh don’t tell anyone - scrap that! Do the opposite, tell everyone it’s awesome. Go to f1minute.com now.

I’m waiting...

… have you gone?

…are you coming back?

...I mean how long does it take? Honestly.

...Oh yeah, a minute right...

...But it’s been more than a minute...

...Have you fallen down? Are you ok?

...You’ve found the archive haven’t you?

...oh you’re back! Woohooo! Now where were we? Oh yes the homepage.

So did you know that Alonso topped the time sheets in day two of the practice? Well he did. It says it right there on the home page!!! Are you blind or what? Oh yes you’re right not to look ahead and spoil the surprise. Good thinking! Yes well he did, Christine made a post about that and at the time of writing nobody had left a comment! You could be the first!

Now are you anything like me and think that sometimes after a lot of words there is nothing better than to sit down with a nice large picture? They’ve thought of that too these crazy hosts of ours. F1 Big Picture is like a picture from the world of F1 that they have found that is actually super large (or big). Ever wanted to see a picture of a prospective F1 star with a gun in a really big format picture? Well be prepared to have your mind blown... THEY HAVE THAT!

¡dios mío - I got so excited for a second I became Spanish which is a pain because I don’t really understand what I’m saying, I sometimes wish there was a way for me to learn Spanish but I need some kind of jumping off point. Okay lets calm down and see what the next item on the homepage ¡dios mío Woah! The very next post is a post called Spanish Wednesdays where you can learn Spanish using the common starting point of knowing about F1. I mean this week there is even a bit where you can learn colours by using the colours of the F1 teams. But is Lotus negra or verde?

Next up we have a quote from Luca Di Montezemolo I’m not even going to tell you what it says, you’ll have to go and look.

What have badgers, American Football and Sidepodcast got in common? Well that’s the next post on the Homepage... I’m telling you there’s a lot of stuff on there... Tons!

There’s the standings from last years championship, a way to quickly see what was on Sidepodcast a year ago, a way to subscribe FOR FREE to the flippin’ amazing Podcast, Site feed or even the comments feed, and it’s FOR FREEEEEEE, FREEE!

But you know how sometimes you see that something’s free and you ask yourself "is it really valuable if it’s free"? Well imagine if Sidepodcast just went away? Just disappeared? Was just turned off? Well then you’d feel that it was worth something wouldn’t you! Of course you would. Now while Sidepodcast is FOR FREEEE for pretty much everyone it isn’t FOR FREEE for Mr and Mrs C. They pay good money to make all this work, and with a new season approaching you could be like me and renew your mental subscription to the site. I like to put a bit of money in the kitty at the beginning of the season so my favourite F1 podcasters can afford things like shoes! And amazingly enough there’s a link to how to donate right on the homepage!

There is so much more on the homepage too: links to the archive, the tags, twitter, the whole of everything and I could put links but I don’t need to! Just go and have a flippin’ look already. Some of the links at the top even make cool floaty boxes appear with even more links inside! That thing is crazy and pretty.

So finally what’s my favourite thing on the homepage... Well I might click the Realtime blue disc at the top of the page the most but really my favourite bit is the Random Page link. Have a click and tell us what you get in the comments. I got: Live: China 2010 - Free Practice 1

See you in two weeks or in the comments!

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