Hello all. How's your off season going? Are you suffering from withdrawal symptoms yet? I'm not - it's been such a long season, but I have just returned home from an evening karting with friends, which I enjoyed quite a lot thank you ;)

As you can imagine, I've been quite busy today so I haven't been able to read too many links. But I do have a few for you...

Joe Saward has had a short break, but has returned with some posts:

Guess what? Virgin Racing actually won something this year... well, at least one of it's drivers did. Timo Glock is the 2010 champion of Christine's Rankings! Congrats to Timo and big thanks for Christine for writing this series of posts - I think it's safe to say we all really enjoyed them!

Speaking of the 2010 Season, we have a new guest writer called Adam Burn who wrote a great season review. Welcome to the Sidepodcast community Adam, and feel free to stop by once in a while ;)

Speaking of the community, we need a solution for the wiki problem, as you all know the wiki here isn't the greatest. Have a read of this post and if you have any bright ideas, feel free to leave a comment!

Also, there is word afoot that another Sidepodpubbing event is happening in December, so have a read of Pamela's post about it and try and make it if you can!

Great news! The Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is on April 29th, which is not an F1 weekend if the 2011 calendar has been fixed. Why is that good news? Because I have a suspicion the BBC will want to cover little else that weekend, if past pretence is anything to go by...

F1 Badger have been writing an interesting series of articles about onboard cameras in F1 through the ages, with some great video clips. Check them out here.

Speaking of F1 videos, here is a great set of out-takes from Jenson and Lewis' McLaren YouTube videos this year. Great work guys and let's have a lot more of that in 2011!

Also, you may well have heard that Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed for years because the developers wanted to make it spot on and the most realistic driving simulator available on the market. So how did they let this bug slip through? Who do they think they are, Codemasters? :D

I found an interesting couple of articles from a car blog called Jalopnik, who had a bit of a telling off from Group Lotus CEO Dany Behar, who objected to being questioned about weight increases to the new Lotus models and if that contravened with Colin Chapman's vision of the company. Lotus' response is equally interesting... I must admit there's not much to like about Group Lotus these days, and Will Buxton agrees...

Leigh has written a couple of posts on non-F1 motorsport topics: GP2 Winter Testing and AutoGP replacing F2 on the WTCC calendar next year. I used to love the old A1GP cars, so it's great to see them return as AutoGP!

F1Wolf made his annual trip to the MacauGP and has posted some pics on his website. Great stuff man!

Some non-F1 (or Motorsport) stuff for you now:

Christine has written a post about a nice way to assist getting to sleep ... which I must admit I could use some help with right now. Aren't you all a bit more tired now it's colderer and darkerer?

I was looking through some pics that I took the other day and realised I never uploaded a set of pics I took 18 months ago when we went into a drive-in Safari Zoo in Denmark. Check them out - it was an awesome day out!

Springfield Punx are celebrating the 47th Birthday of Doctor Who with a great cartoon of William Hartnell. I just love this guy's work!

Some dude has made a load of money buying and selling a virtual asteroid. A brilliant excuse to listen to Money for Nothing, I say!

Finally for all you Sims 3 fans, a spoof trailer for you that asks the question: What if trailers told the truth? I love The Sims, but the amount of expansion packs you have to buy is really off-puttting!

So, that's your lot then. Enjoy your Wednesday!

PS: To those of you who liked today's Daily, thanks for your support, I write these for you. To all of you haters who didn't...I just don't give a ... ;)

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