I have to begin this Daily with an apology. Because it’s going to be all about football. Sorry for that, but since I have spent the whole weekend watching/speaking/tweeting/ and writing about it, I genuinely can’t think about something else today. I hope you will read this post and leave a comment. Big virtual sidepodhug for that! And who doesn’t like hugs? OK? Are you still here? Nice. :-) All right then, let’s move on.

There’s been some amazing scenes in the world of football this weekend. Loads of goals in for all. It was genuinely raining goals! 36 in Spain, 30 in England and Germany, 27 in Italy and France and “only” 19 in Portugal, to name the major leagues only.

Let’s start with which I started the Footie Marathon: with the Premier League.

  • First and foremost: we hammered West Ham 3:0 on Saturday, and climbed the 9th position in the league tables, so I am very, very pleased about that. We could have scored more,  but Robert Green had one of his better days and stood quite firm and solid between the posts. I am asking myself why didn’t he play that good during the World Cup? I am outraged!
  • Meanwhile in London Chelsea lost 1:0 versus Birmingham, and Arsenal were defeated 3:2 by Tottenham. What a dramatic match that was, my goodie aunt!! Another brill Bale-goal! Juts … pang! Like that. Later Rafi van der Vaart took the penalty and …bang!!! This guy is flourishing at Tottenham, but he tends to overreact on the pitch and sometimes gets substituted only because the gaffer doesn’t want to risk his sending off. But there’s very simple explanation for this kind of behaviour: Rafi is so happy he got off the bench in Madrid … can’t blame him for that. Happy for him, but he should have signed for the right team … OK. RG is reading this so I won’t say anything more. *grins*
  • United won against Wigan, but I won’t let this spoils my day. Every minute second spent on thinking about United is a wasted one.
  • I normally do not follow the Bundesliga, because I think it’s a quite boring league, but I tuned in for one half Schalke vs. Werder Bremen only to see the Football Legend Raul scoring his primero hat trick in Germany. Raul still has got IT!!
  • Moving on to Spain … Barca genuinely sunk Almeria 8:0!!! And Messi scored a hat trick one again. His greatest rival in the league, Cristiano Ronaldo did the same against Athletic Bilbao. My Saturday’s Man Of The Day, Fernando Llorente, scored the only goal for Bilbao and it wasn’t enough, obviously. The match ended 5:1.
  • Speaking of Cristiano: watch his reaction after this disallowed goal in a friendly against Spain last week. Brilliant!!
  • Since we are in Spain, there has to be word about Diego Forlan. Good news! Atletico defeated Real Sociedad 4:2 and Diego’s goal was … typical Diego. Watch his magic legs in action here. In case you missed it, the GQ magazine has chosen Forlan for the best footballer of the year. He SO deserves it. Felicidades pare esto!
  • In Italy Zlatan Ibrahimowic managed to injure himself by punching the air. Only Zlatan Ibrahimowic can punch the air so hard that he hurts his elbow.  But this is only comprehensible since he is Zlatan.

Time for some links:

There’s not much sports this week to look forward to, but it’s the quality that counts, not the quantity, right?

  • At the time of writing there’s some tennis action going on in London. Rafa Nadal is taking on Roddick.
  • And there’s some football (you can always count on the beautiful game) during the week as the teams are going to face each other in the Champions League.

And that’s all …

But before you leave vote for Heikki first! And don’t you dare to leave home without reading the Tweets of The Week,  the big Showdown of Christine’s Rankings and before giving her some advice.

I hope I didn’t bore you with this whole football stuff. Well I did watch this review so I am not lost! However, especially when it’s all about Vettel in the German media nowadays, I was to glad to be able to focus on something else. It’s shear madness, I am telling ya … Didi Mateschitz here … Christian Horner there … the people in Heppenheim are offended and disgusted because Alonso didn’t congratulate Vettel yet. Oh, give me a break! Seb is World Champion, what do you want more? It’s typical German: always moaning! I better finish up here, before I start whining, too!

Have a great day! J I am off too cheer for Rafaaaaaa!

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