Well hello you. Are you lost? Oh, you meant to come here? Silly me, that means it must be Wednesday already.

So... I suppose you want some lovely linky goodness then? Hang on one moment... ah yes, here we are. Freshly picked from the comments, Facebook, Twitter, blog feeds and other parts of the interwebs. Bon Appetit!


Livery Platter

A Selection of Racing car liveries in a symphony of colour and spices sure to delight and tease the senses.

Press Release Tapas

A delightfully silly trio of soundbites from the Hispania Moda press release that are sure to tickle the taste buds. Served with a Korean flavour.

Yas Marina Prawn Cocktail

A colourful little quote designed to get you excited about the coming Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 25 Days time. As you taste the dish, imagine the smooth sounds of Kayne West's music. I'ma gonna let you finish that thought before you read on ;)

Frog's Legs

Freshly picked hind legs of a toad, with your choice of a bitter aged sauce recently taken off the menu or a secret blend of herbs and spices.

Main Courses

Tenderised aged German steak Roasted in Garlic

A slightly too old prime piece of German Steak, roasted to perfection in a moderately acidic French garlic sauce of a similar pedigree, roasted in fine English-style roasted as the perfect accompaniment. Best ponder that one.

Icelandic Salad topped with organic dressing

A really eclectic colourful mix this one. Sample the delectable tones of Jonsí, one of Iceland's finest musicians, in a concert of sights and sounds galore.

A Noble Journalist's Buffet

An Arabian-inspired dish for the healthy appetite that you will appreciate is complex to prepare, and will leave you wanting more...

Rosberg's Seasonsed Could-be Wurst

A plate full of smug little sausages and a side of chippy little quotes served in a sweet-and-sour sauce.

Joe's Kim Chee

A fusion blend of Eastern Promises and Western Optimism, tinged with a bit of old world bitterness that will make you yearn for the "Good Ol' Days".

Blachford's Buffet

A gathering of the best social media tidbits F1 has to offer, presented in a humorously-mixed double dish. Best shared with other F1 fans ;)


Finnish Birthday Cake

A lovely little ice cream cake served with a delightfully cheery topping of Finnish optimism. Happy Birthday Heikki!

Eric's Boom-de-yada Cake

An inspiration to all cake lovers out there. Eric has baked us a wonderful idea, but needs your help to decorate and lay on the icing. For two or more people...

Force India Kulfi

A cool little dessert that will give you a taste of better things to come after the team makes the most of its' upgrades.

Williams Shareholder Pie

A solid, consistent but not outstanding pie which can be sliced in many different ways, depending on who wants the biggest piece...

Jean-Pierre Beltoise Soufflé

A sweet little story about a Frenchman who, like a soufflé, found it tough to get the recipe for success right and when he finally did, found that it couldn't be reheated...

American home-made F1 circuit pudding

A giant serving of slot track served in the style of an F1 circuit, garnished with many trackside items to add to the aroma. A marvel to behold!

"I can't believe it's not Lotus"

Vanilla flavoured ice cream with a distinct aroma of petrol, served with "hundreds and thousands" of Lotus references.

Scotch Mist

A famous recipe, but new on the menu. Not served in Korea as his team mates have not sampled the local cuisine.

Brazil nuts with Amaretto

A plate of nuts that were great until last summer, but for unexplainable reasons have become blandly tasted and are only good as a side dish to a Spanish Paella. Washed down with an amaretto liqueur that's too smooth for it's own good and may backtrack and bite back later.

Dictaphone cheese board

A selection of sights and sounds (the cheese?) to accompany a dictaphone on it's postal journey from the UK to Finland (the cracker?)

F1 Driver Biscuits

A fresh selection from the comments of biscuits named after F1 drivers. Choose from a selection of Lucas Di Gestives, Nice Rosbergs, Jenson Bourbons, Jammie Dodgersauris, Bernie Ecclescakes, Rich Tea-mo Glocks, Hob Nobert Haugs and many others!

Drinks and Aperitifs

Newey's X1 Bull Rush

A futuristic cocktail served in a glass without limits or constraints. Note that due to a shortage of ideas and over-regulation this probably won't be available, ever :(

Heikki's Lotus-themed Fire Engine Cocktail

A gift from his team for his birthday after Heikki showed great initiative and bravery for putting out fires ;)

The Pedro De La Rosa Wine

An aged, but some say still a good vintage wine that has recently been discontinued by a Swiss Cellar and has now been handed to an Italian one, for which dear Pedro accepts but does not understand. Served with a hint of optimism.

Nico's "wake up and smell the coffee"

A rich, lively, if erratic, Venezuelan blend with strong backing that is sure to give a wake up call to any rookie wanting to perform their best ;)

At Your Service...

So that's your menu for today. We do hope that you have a pleasurable dining experience with us and comments on the menu are always welcome ;)

After your meal, why not join us for a drink over at VivaF1 and take part in the weekly F1 Quiz?

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