Hello my dear sidepodcasters and welcome to my daily. I shall provide you with all information you deserve to know for today. First of all: Happy Birthday Heikki Kovalainen! Or “Hyvaa syntymapaivaa” as they say it in Finnish. I hope he’ll take himself a day off to celebrate as he’s been very busy in the recent days. Celebrate yourself, Heikki, because you’re a nice lad.

Speaking of parties and stuff … on Friday we had a reason to celebrate, too. After a very chaotic and crazy week we finally have new owners. We have no debts anymore, Tom & George (or the Muppets, like we call them) are gone, and our future looks bright. At least it was looking bright on Friday. Because on Sunday afternoon the future started to look grim. Again. I was planning to rock the pubs till the next weekend, when I’m going to Liverpool anyway, and continue the fiesta there, but I wasn’t quite in the mood after our woeful 2:0 defeat against Everton. Painful that was. And an even more painful fact is: we are now 19th. 19th! Gosh … However, “You’ll never walk alone” is our motto, and I am proudly wearing a LFC shirt to work today. Proud to be a Red till the very last breath. Might sound melodramatic, but as our legendary manager Bill Shankly said: Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that.” Now you know. But let’s move on.

More footie news from elsewhere (to distract myself) :

  • UUUUU!! Big news! Wayne Rooney wants to leave United! Fergie doesn’t like him anymore? Wayne, don’t worry, they all have been there: Ruud, Becks, Diego Forlan, Cristiano Ronaldo, Carlos Tevez … they all had the pleasure to experience before they had to go. Although I feel sorry for Wayne (he’s a Liverpool lad), that’s very good news. Now everyone will talk about this instead and leave us in peace. Ta, Wayne, lad! Perfect timing.Fergie’s “Hairdryer"
  • Altetico Madrid won against Getafe 2:0 – it was again the other Diego (Costa) who scored, but Forlan was looking good. As usual. :-)
  • Barcelona defeated Valencia 2:1, and Real Madrid won in Malaga 4:1. Goodie aunt! Cristiano scored twice! Now, when that’s not something! Was he still playing for Real? Hmm … Their now at the top of the table, by the way.
  • Meanwhile in the Bundesliga Huntelaar aka “The Hunter” scored again against Stuttgart! It’s his 5th goal in 8 league matches. The result was 2:2 but who cares? Hunty scored! A bit of joy for a poor fan’s heart. I am aware of your tight schedules, but If you have … let’s check … 6 mins of spare time, throw a glance at this video and see why I love Hunty that much. He is brill. Did I mention he’s born 1983, just like me? No? Well, now you know it.

Racing news:

  • Well, well, well. Surprise, surprise. There will be some racing in Korea. You can read here what we have to expect in Yeongam. I only hope the track will hold out and nothing serious happens.
  • Jenson hasn’t been twitting since 9. October. Where is he?
  • However, Jaime was quite busy on and off twitter. The poor thing suffered some jet lag after leaving Asia for a short visit to Barcelona. He didn’t look happy on his way to Korea, though. Hmmm … Is anyone happy with the idea of racing there? Doubtful.
  • If I already mentioned twitter: check out Christine’s “Tweets of the Week”.
  • Meanwhile in NASCAR … Monty finished 11th at Charlotte Motor Speedway (1. Jamie McMurray, 2. Kyle Bush, 3. Jimmie Johnson) and went windsurfing afterwards. Ya wondering what he was doing today? Here’s ya answer: Gonna take Sebastian to school. Then I think gonna spend some time in the warehouse.” He’s so harmless off the track, isn’t he? Cute.
  • Since I had a free Sunday (yessssssssss) I was watching MotoGP in bed. Oh, yesssss. I call it paradise. Guess who won. No, The Doctor was third. Jorge Lorenzo second ahead of Casey Stoner, who was delighted as it was his home race. By the way … Did you know Casey was born in Kurri Kurri (sounds like an exotic dish to me)? Furthermore, he’s one of the two (in figures: 2) famous sons of this town. The other one is Andrew Johns, a former football player. That’s one famous son (or in my case: daughter) more, than my town has got. Yep. You got it right, I am the only one. :-)


  • Andy Murray defeated Roger Federer in a superb Sunday match. Oh, made up for him. I don’t like Roger. He’s the kind of those smooth, perfect guys. They are just to prefect to be real. Like Pele. Or Tiger Woods. Or … Raphael Honigstein. You know what I mean? I know you do.
  • I dunno If you’re interested in ski jumping, but today is also Dieter Thoma’s birthday, the second best Germany ski jumper ever. I grew up with him, always liked him and respected him. He’s now a pundit on the German television, and he’s doing a very good job. Professional and very objective (which is quite a rarity in our television, you know). The winter season is about to start soon, and I am looking forward to it. Anyway, Happy Birthday, Dieter!

I’d like to finish up with something wise … Did you know who else’s birthday it is today? Jacques Edwin Brandenberger’s. Does that name tell you something? No? Well, in year 1908 this gentleman invented ... yes!! You knew it! He invented cellophane! Oh. Just imagine a live without cellophane. *shudders*

Once again we learned a lot, isn’t that nice? It is. I hope you’re having a nice Tuesday, but if not, I hope I could cheer you up a little bit with my humble daily post. See you in the comments!

I am off to buy some cellophane! You never know …

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