Snow is so awesomely snowful!

Credit: F1 Lou

Snow is so awesomely snowful!

"...Oh the Weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, and since we've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."

Hey guys, guess what? It's the first of December! Which means that today is the day you can open the first door on your advent calendar, and start thinking about Christmassy things!

I have just hosted my friends over for a Christmas party (as some will be travelling home soon), where we ate a lot of christmas cookies, doughnuts and candy and drank a lot of gløgg (mulled wine).

Tonight we went shopping and it was -6 degrees! Really felt cold on the face but we wrapped up nice and warm so it was OK.

Speaking of advent calendars, why not check out the Sidepodcast and Giggles Advent Calendars, which of course start today ;)

The F1 News

So it properly feels like the off season now, as the real news is starting to dry up and be replaced by speculation and rumour. Even the BBC F1 Gossip Column has seemingly given up and just relayed some tweets. Incidentally, Lewis Hamilton has returned to Twitter, albeit in a lot less of a 'gangsta' fashion. Hmm, is that really him?

However, I did find some F1 news and interesting blog posts for you.

Firstly, apparently a draft 2011 entry list has been released, with some interesting info and omissions. Check out the post for more info.

BBC have released their shortlist for Sports Personality of the Year (SPOTY). Looks like a tough one - I would personally like Amy Williams to win because of how tough it was to win gold in the Olympics for her in that sport. However, nobody really stands out as better than all of the others for me. Who's your pick?

Santander has ended it's sponsorship deal with McLaren - deciding only to sponsor Ferrari in 2011. Which is odd, as Lewis Hamilton was hosting a Q&A with some Santander Universities students...

Joe Saward has managed to write a few posts in the last couple of days - one rounding up some news and some thoughts about the Future of Lotus (Joe thinks the name will get changed and Renault will become Lotus), one about Villeneuve trying yet another new series by taking part in the Ice Racing Championship, one about his top 5 drivers for 2010 (and it is a great list too - very controversial) and finally one about the Race of Champions.

Speaking of which, did you hear that Freecaster gave Sidepodcast a refund for the poor coverage of the RoC online? Also, RG has some great thoughts on how to make the event better - well worth a read!

Speaking of the RoC, Heikki Kovalainen had a nasty crash in the Audi R8 and suffered a bad concussion, which he needs to have some rest for. Worse still, the passenger in the car was none other than his girlfriend Catherine Hyde, who suffered a hairline fracture in her pelvis and some back pain. Get well soon guys!

Peter Windsor (yes, him!) has a blog and tweets quite regularly too. He has some news that Western Australia has decided to build a town over the site of an old circuit and call the town 'Brabham' after the legendary Sir Jack Brabham. How awesome is that?

Will Buxton has a very thoughtful blog post about how the Art of War applies to Red Bull Racing's season. It's a bit too hagiographical for my tastes, but still an interesting read...

Non-F1 Stuff

Here's a scary photo from a flight that suffered a decompression but managed to land safely. Look at the cool dude just reading his magazine while the oxygen masks drop! How chillaxed is that?

There is apparently a lot of background noise on the web - mostly caused by botnets and bad communication devices. This article estimates that it's over 5 Gigabits per second! That's a lot of noise!

Christine has continued her series on Doctor Who posts, and Lukeh ponders what happened to the Simpsons?

In the comments a couple of cool videos were found: a live webstream of some cute penguins at Edinburgh Zoo, and a demonstration of a phenomenon called 'Reversed Laminar Flow'...

So that's all from me. I do hope you are all keeping safe and warm if you are in the cold and the snow. If you are in warm weather, well good for you! Just don't brag too much about it ;)

Oh and Mr. C, has the reminder reminded the reminder to remind you to plug the Daily Post yet? ;)

P.S. - Have you posted your season review voicemail to Sidepodcast yet? Just some short thoughts about how you found the races in 2010 will do. Just call 'sidepodcast' on Skype, phone 0121 28 TRACK or email [email protected] - don't delay either, the deadline for submissions is the end of the week so send them in ASAP!

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