Hello! It's me again! Hello Saturday! Hello Weekend! Wow! So many exlamation marks! I think I might be spending too much time with Jaime. :-) Who's been having good time recently, by the way. Yes!

Before I begin let me explain what I am doing here on Saturday. Well, Pamela isn't able to do her daily so I volunteerd. Only for you, lovely readers. :-)

Al right then, let's check what's going on in the world of Formula 1:

Since it's the last weekend before Christmas do you already have ALL your Christmas gifts? Or perhaps are you still looking for an adequate present?

Maybemy small list might help you:

As for me, last year I went for Niki Lauda's and Janne Ahonnen's biographies. And I loved them both!!

This year I went for Rafael Nadal's biography and Wimbledon Men's Final 2008 on DVD. Can't wait the Christmas Eve!! :-)

So, folks that's all from me for this Saturday. But don't you worry, I will be back on Tuesday with my usual footie filled daily. :-) Have a fab, Christmas-madness-free Saturday!

I am off to watch some men risking their lives in the snow. :-)

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