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Hello Everyone and welcome to another Sidepodpositive day, it’s Sunday today and well what’s not positive about such a wonderful day of the week! Despite the snow, and disruption it can cause let’s look on the bright side. At least we can all snuggle up at home this weekend! Duvet days for everyone!

So, yesterday you may not have noticed but this happened which led to this which meant a certain event didn’t happen. Sad times in Sidepodcast towers, however in the Sidepodpositive way the day was not wasted! Sidepodqualitytime was still had in the comments with an impromptu but awesome live giggles radio request show and a sidepodfilmclub viewing of Mr C’s favourite Love Actually A great time was had by all who joined in, and it certainly was the next best thing to a meetup. Keep your eyes peeled for any other meetups that may pop up in the New Year, there is bound to be one!

When you visit the home page, you’ll notice that Leigh has written a great guest post on the Japanese driver Masahiro Hasemi. Completely worth checking out, a great piece of writing!

Speaking of great pieces of writing have you all read the latest edition of GP+? Why not spend the afternoon curled up by the fire giving it a read? It’s great as usual, thanks Joe!

Lukeh has started a really interesting discussion over on his blog about chosen dinner guests. I’m still thinking about mine, obviously Jenson would be there but I’m not sure who else.. what about you? Why don’t you head over to Lukeh’s blog and have a think.

Away from Sidepodcast news now, Jessica Michibata Jenson’s girlfriend is joining our 2009 World Champion in a triathlon today. Her first infact, judging from her twitter she was a bit nervous, but apparently training in the sun can be fun too!

To finish today’s daily I want to introduce you to two particularly cute animals. First the cutest Cheetah cub ever, and then the rather sweet Slow Loris!!

Podcast of the week

It’s that time of week again when I delve into the archives once more and pull out another classic Sidepodcast show. I’ve recently been linking to my favourite Sidepodcast specials, however this week I thought I’d go for something different and choose a Sidepodcast first. The Sidepodpanels started in October 2008 and were an instant success. So much fun to be a part of and listen to. So sit back and giggle at the first ever sidepodpanel.

Sidepodpanel - The First

Sidepodcast audio preview

Have a lovely day, and remember to stay positive!

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