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Credit: The Simpsons/Matt Groening

Hello, is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can here me. Is there anybody home? oh there is? Well that's just wonderful, I'm glad you are because it's Friday and we've got a fun day of positivity and good times ahead today so we're all going to have a good day! In fact, did you know that it was on this very day in 1987 that The Simpsons debuted as a prime time cartoon show? It only felt right to include today's festive picture as a scene from 'Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire', the very first episode of which was shown all those years ago today. Can you believe it's been so long?!

Paddock News

Once, Twice, Three Times a Ferrari - It's that time of the year again folks where Luca Di Montezemelo has nothing better to do than to start talking silliness and come up with the most ridiculous of statements, woohoo! This week Uncle Luca has been expressing once again his desire to get a third Ferrari on the grid, even going as far as to say it would be better to have that than the new teams. What on earth does this man have against these new teams in F1? Crazy as it may seem, Ferrari were a new team at one point. I can't believe how much disrespect he shows them. Silly man, silly idea, silly silly.

Yeah, Well My Mum Says My Lotus is Better than Your Lotus - For the sake of my sanity, I am editing the word 'Lotus' out of this next paragraph. The arguing match has continued between _____ Racing/Team _____ and _____ Renault, as both sets of _____ groups continue to fight over the _____ name as the _____ battle carries on and seems to continue. Tony Fernandes seems well upset that his evil arch enemy Dani Behr/Danny Baker/Dany Beher, calling his _____ antics bully boy tactics and whatnot. Both of you, go and sit in different corners of the room and put your fingers on your lips. If you don't stop this _____ nonsense I will tell both your mothers and not let you go out to play when all the other children do so. I don't want to hear another _____ peep out of the both of you.


Thursday Thoughts - the Public Perception of Formula 1 - This week I thought I'd give the old Thursday Thoughts a good old crack with a question and I went for something slightly tougher by asking how you would change how the public perceives the sport and what changes could be made. There were some fantastic responses and as always Christine has bundled them all together for your ease so you can happily navigate around them all in a bundleful time of thursday thoughts fun!

Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer. In fact, Take Loads! - The Boston Globe's Big Picture is one of my favourite weekly updating things on the interwebs. Every week it provides some stunning, awe inspiring photos and recaps of big moments. This week we've been treated and reminded of some of 2010's biggests moments and events, with some stunning photographs that have been featured over the past year. It's been quite something hasn't it? Ups and downs like a rollercoaster I've made on Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. There's an F1 image in there as spotted by a few commenters but it is quite frankly completely unrelated to, well, anything. ever. In the whole history of anything in 2010. Very odd!

How Appropriate, You Fight Like Steve Jobs - I come bearing MONKEY ISLAND NEWS! Hurrah! I do love Monkey Island news. Anyways, you may like to know that Telltale Games's fabulous Episode 1 of the Tales of Monkey Island is now available on the iPad to buy on iTunes and caringly love as you enjoy it's awesome. Although it's not got the original Tro of Schafer, Grossman and Gilbert on board working on it, it's got a fantastic team in Telltale who have made it and I've played the games on PC and loved every second. On a similar note, I mentioned last week the pure awesomeness that is Broken Sword 2 would be out on the iThingymajiggies soon... and now it is!! Perfect for the train journey to the Sidepodmeetup this weekend, no?

E. A. SPORTS. IT'S IN THE GAME. AND ON SALE. RIGHT NOW. - On the topic of iThingymajiggy apps, did you know that Electronic Arts are offering a quite fabtrabulous sale right now over this lovely festive holiday known as Christmas? Yes, christmas. It's quite soon you know. But most - if not nearly all - of their games have been lowered down to 59p/99c and there are some absolute bargains in there. My reccomendations? Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, FIFA 11, The sims 3, Sim City Deluxe, Monopoly, The Simpsons Arcade, Wolfenstein RPG, Tetris, Pandemonium, in fact it's all pretty damn awesome. Oh how I love sales and I love games and I love apps. I especially love game app sales! Have fun! I apologise profusely to your bank accounts.

That's a Lot of Waffles - If there's a good blogger around these parts it's our northern timo-loving friend RG, and yesterday RG had the pleasure of reaching the big 100 on his blog The Northern Waffler and decided to have a recap of some of his highlights of what he's written up so far so make sure you have a look because he's written some blinders in his time. That does make him sound like Douglas Adams or something. Still, with his awesome puns for titles and always interesting content I'd like to wish RG congratulations on his achievement!

And For Something Slightly Different

This Week's Daily Listen - Doctor Who Series 5 Soundtrack by Murray Gold - You know, I quite like Doctor Who. It's really quite awesome. I quite like it a lot in fact, have I ever mentioned that? I don't think I have, no. In all seriousness, one thing I've always loved over the new series it's the quite startlingly stunning compositions from Murray Gold and his super duper giant orchestra that create some gorgeous pieces for the show, and the Series 5 soundtrack in my honest opinion is the best out of the lot. what I really love about it is that it's definitely different to the previous series; the new Doctor and new look for the show under Steven Moffat has clearly affected how the show sounds musically two from the theme tune to the dramatic pieces and it's a gorgeous album, an absolute must for Doctor Who fans!

And that's another week done. Phew! I must say a very big happy birthday to commentor Kate as it's her birthday today despite her fears of stepping out of teenagedom and into serious business of not teenagedom, but you shall be fine. happy Birthday Kate! As for the rest of you lovely people, I very much hope to see you at the Sidepodmeetup in London tomorrow evening because I'd love to meet you there. I'm coming all the way from narnia Wales and everything, so it'd make it even better! Have a lovely positive Friday folks, you deserve it.

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