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I'll be introducing you to Tuesday as your regular host Amanda is currently compiling some new and interesting Spanish words for you to learn [not entirely true but probable]. So what's been going on then?

Well, I've been browsing The Cahier Archive, which is where Bernard Cahier and his son Paul-Henri have a veritable Smörgåsbord* of photographic F1 history. You really should check it out. I liked it so much, I bought the company. Oh hang on, I'm not Victor Kiam. I did, however, decide to treat myself and have ordered this little beauty, Stirling Moss from 1954 at the Italian GP with a beautiful Maserati 250F.

You should also check out the F-stoptasticness*** of this F1 Big Picture of Kimi from the recent Rally Sweden event [which was most excellent]. The next WRC stage is March 3rd in Mexico, I wonder if anyone else will lose their driving licence by hooning around when they shouldn't be?

Speaking of F1 history, have you got your GP+ subscription sorted yet? I'm sorry, I can't quite hear you. You really should you know, why don't you have a little peak? Joe has a free sample from last year here. Also at Joe's blog, there's a nice piece on cars named after Asian Flowers and why you shouldn't believe all that you may read in the headlines.

Did you listen to the new F1 Debrief yet? Pardon, you are going to have to speak up. I don't hear the word 'no' too well on this keyboard. Well, run along to your favourite podcast subscribey-type-thingummy** and download it. Or just listen in from your webpage, they've got all the methods catered for here ya know

Over at the BBC, my BFF Jake Humphrey has been blogging about what he's been up to since the off-season began and the build up to the first race in Bahrain. Jake's been promoting a new twitter campaign to introduce a friend to F1. It even has it's own Hashtag - #bringafriendtobbcf1.

While you're at it, get them to come along at say hello in the comments. Did you know it's only 24 days away till first practice? I hear there are some calendars you can download to help you remember, maybe here courtesy of Christine [many thanks] or even over at Pat's Too Much Racing blog [much repect for the petrolheaded dedication].

Speaking of which, Maverick has written a guest post at Leigh's Motorsport Archive blog about the topically**** named John Love, who was a driver in the 50s & 60s. You should read that too [I hope you're making a list], I'm going to have a gander when I've finished talking to you guys.

Finally, Christine's been busy writing some more posts for you all, now that she has finished [ahem!] her Rubik's Cube.

There's an update on Robert Kubica's progress [don't ask Mr C to visit him in hospital, the staff won't be able to understand who he's enquiring about ;)] and also a new edition of the ever-popular Tweets Of The Week.

Right, well I've got a lot to look at, I think it's time to utter the immortal words "I'll see you in the comments".

*not to be confused with a kneeboard

** iTunes to most of us but other methods are available

*** Not to be confused with F-ducts or full stops

**** Not the chocolate bar, silly!

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