Hello boys and girls, dogs and cats, cockateels and parakeets, children and adults. Should I add chicken and egg as well? Don't start that one again...

Your regular daily writer Gavin is off on a well-deserved holiday, so here's lil ol' me filling in for him. Serves me right for not stepping back! (ow quit poking me, it was a joke!)

So, where to begin? F1 stuff, I guess.

Joe Saward went on a blog spree yesterday with some excellent articles about the state of play in the Gulf related to the protests in Bahrain. There are some doubt as to whether the Grand Prix will go ahead, let alone testing which is due towards the end of this month, and protesters have said they will target the Grand Prix as an event to make their mark. It remains to be seen what will happen from here-on in.

Mark Webber paid a visit to Robert Kubica and paid tribute to the hospital doctors and nurses doing a terrific job for the sport's brightest young star.

Yes I visited Robert yesterday and had a great chat about loads of stuff,he is receiving great care too.

AussieGrit's Twitter avatarAussieGrit

Joe has also been busy keeping tabs on the driver front at Renault (sorry Lotus, you may be title sponsor of the Renault-Benetton-Toleman franchise but there's no way you'll be called Lotus Renault by moi until ice skating becomes the national sport for the eternally damned), with Liuzzi's name apparently being put forward by Bobby K himself as a viable option. Personally, I think there are so many candidates for the vacant position that he who keeps schtum will probably get the drive - echoes of Warwick in 1986 when Elio de Angelis died at Paul Ricard, France. F1 drivers these days are incredibly fortunate to now have full marshall coverage at tests. Back in 1986 the lack of marshalls to extricate drivers meant de Angelis succumbed to his injuries when crashing at the flat-out (just) first corner. A talented driver who is sorely missed.

Speaking of testing, teams head to Barcelona on Friday after good ol' Rubinho topped the times on a nicely rubbered in Jerez circuit on Sunday. State of play at the moment: Ferrari have raw pace (somehow), Mercedes don't (according to Darth), everything else is subjective based on fuel loads.

Alianora started us off yesterday with the Wikipedia F1 game - click Random Article and get to the Formula One page in 6 clicks or less. Loosely based on the 6 Degrees of Separation principle it is insanely addictive and WILL make you go off on tangents at a moment's notice. *looks at the last 2 hours gone by*

Elsewhere in sport, RG's beloved Spurs did a mighty job against AC Milan at the San Siro stadium last night, although the night may well be remembered for a certain Italian's feisty temperament against a stubborn Englishman (read: Joe Jordan vs Gennaro Gattuso). Time will tell whether FIFA action anything upon this.

F1 Minute got itself a Facebook page. Click "Like". Go-oooooonnnnn.....

Finally I leave you with news that...

Hang on a sec...

A Large Hadron Collider? In Russia?

Oh go on then......

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