Once more around the block

The invite cryptically tells us "It's been way too long" but it seems like just weeks ago we gathered to watch Apple announce new shiny things to the world. Join us once again as we anticipate refreshed iPads, the imminent release of the new OS X Yosemite and a promise of things to come. The curtain opens at 6pm (BST) and we hope the live streaming is more successful this time round. What are you hoping to see?

We’re gonna need a bigger screen protector

'Wish we could say more' said the invite as months of speculation builds to a peak. The expected launch of the new iPhone is almost upon us as we prepare for Tim Cook and his pals to unveil this year's new shiny. A larger than usual location and the diverse invite list fuel the rumours that this will be more than just a phone. Join us in the comments as we watch the live stream on apple.com. Let us know your wish list, predictions or just guess Criag Federighi's new nickname.

Retirement of the big cats

In what may be a regular pattern, it's time again for another Apple event in quick succession after the annual iPhone refresh. The Yerba Buena venue makes it more likely we'll get a live streamed keynote but all will be revealed as we near the start time of 18:00 (GMT+1). Expected today are refreshed iPads and release dates for the pre-announced Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks. Join us to speculate, discuss and prepare to flex the plastic as we prepare for Tim Cook to take the stage.

Apple iPhone and iOS keynote

The rumour mill has been burning the candle at both ends, Jonny Ive has been trimming his stubble to the exact length and the Craig Federighi nickname wheel has been spun. Yes, it's time for another Apple Keynote. Expected today are the details of a new iPhone, probably two. The successor to the iPhone 5 and a lower cost, colourful model that most are calling the 5C. Also, iOS 7 should be released to the public which has polarised opinion with it's fresh look. Join us in the run up to Tim Cook taking the stage at 6pm [BST] and share your expectations, wish lists, live blog links and more

WWDC 2013: What's New Pussy Cat?

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference is here once again. Join us as we await details of the next mobile operating system, iOS 7 and a sneak preview of Apple's next big cat, the successor to Mountain Lion, OS X 10.9. Expect less skeuomorphic leather and felt and a more flatter design under the management of Jonny Ive. The event starts at 18:00 BST but you can let us know what's on your wish list while we wait for Tim Cook and co to take the stage.

Apple iPhone Keynote

The invite proclaims: "It's almost here" and depicts a shadow of the number 5 that many assume will be for the announcement of the iPhone 5. But the next iPhone, which is almost certain to be revealed today, will actually be the sixth generation of the ubiquitous thumb magnet. It's Apple Keynote time! What do you think we'll see? 4G support, a taller screen, a 30 pin dock connector and iOS 6? Join us in the comments to tell us of the craziest speculation you've seen or which blog you're following.

WWDC 2012 keynote

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference begins today and as is customary, all eyes are on the keynote presentation. Tim Cook will take the stage and give us a hint of what's in store over the next few months. Anticipated mentions are iOS 6 and a closer look at Mountain Lion. Speculation is bigger than ever on expected announcements. They include; an SDK for the Apple TV - to allow devs to write 3rd party apps, Facebook integration in iOS, non-Google sourced 3D maps, Siri for iPad and a remote chance of a retina display return of the MacBook line, slimmed down and minus an optical drive. Video coverage is rare but there are enough tech sites with live updates. Share your favourites, join in on the anticipation and give us your thoughts on what's about to be revealed.

Apple's iPad event in San Francisco

Touchscreens at the ready, it's time for a new Apple product launch! The banners are up at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco for the expected launch of an updated iPad. Rumours and supposed leaks have been big on this one, almost everybody is expecting a higher resolution screen to give Retina Display qualities to the best selling tablet on the market.

Apple iPhone event - Let's talk, indeed!

Boy, has this been a long wait. Apple skipped the expected June announcement for the latest iPhone and then skipped the September event expected for the refresh of the iPod line. Today, the Apple consumers await the announcement of shiny products with much anticipation.

Daily: 15th February 2011

Oh hello, just a sec, I'll be right with you. There, that's better - sorry, I was just finishing off Monday. I'll be introducing you to Tuesday as your regular host Amanda is currently compiling some new and interesting Spanish words for you to learn. So what's been going on then?

Back to the cat

It's that time to think about loading your comments in the wonderful creation that is Dashboard. Yes, it's Apple event time again folks.

Following the WWDC 2010 keynote live

Today is the start of WWDC 2010. No, not an F1 Working Group on the merits of David Coulthard's white trousers but Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference. There's a fair amount of love for the fruitily named shiny products of 'i' around here but we understand that not everyone is particularly bothered about Steve Jobs' black turtleneck attire today. So here's a breakout thread for discussing all things Apple.