Hi there! My name is Amanda (Google also knows me as amandoloss) and this is my first ever post for sidepodcast.com. I will be keeping you up to date on everything what’s worth of being mentioned every Tuesday. Before I start I’d like to warn you straight away: there will be some footy news in my posts, especially about Liverpool FC, so Manchester fans hiding there somewhere... beware! But let’s get started with some racing stuff, shall we? Bruuuuummmmmmmmmmmm!!!

  • For the record, and for the ones among you who missed it, there’s been some racing on Sunday in Monza. Fantastic Fernando Alonso won his third (second for the fussy readers) race while Jenson Button and Felipe Massa finished second and third.
  • Last night was a busy one for Lotus and Cosworth - Lotus team and engine suppliers Cosworth confirmed the end of their partnership at the end of this season. With Cosworth agreeing to break that contract, it paves the way for Lotus to use an alternative engine supplier - widely tipped to be Renault - from 2011 onwards. Christine wrote about this so I won’t repeat the story. Read her post here.
  • There has also been some confusing stories about Pedro de la Rosa being replaced by Nick Heidfeld at Sauber. As for me, the F1-world was very peaceful without (not so) “Quick” Nick. Do we need him back? I’d rather have some chance given to some young drivers. Nick could have done some great career in the advertising business instead, since he’s got some great set of teeth to shine with...
  • Jaime Alquersuari, also known as DJ Jaime, can’t sit still, and is heading to London to do some party, so keep your eyes wide open, if you’re around. Maybe you’ll be lucky!
  • If some of you are living/going to visit Geneva, keep your eyes open: Heikki Kovalainen might be there somewhere. Speaking of whom… I do not know if you’ve already seen the FONECTA TV spot featuring both Kovalainens, junior and senior. Take a look! Great stuff.
  • On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean there’s been some racing too: Juan Pablo Montoya finished seventh in the 26th NASCAR race in Richmond. Well done Monty, although he won’t qualify for the chase anyway.

All right then, let’s get serious; like I said: wherever there’s amandoloss around, there’s also some footy news. I’ll start with the most important: Liverpool drew Birmingham in an entertaining match with a disappointing (from our point of view) result. Pepe Reina shined didn’t shine with his bald head, but whit his outstanding performance. I f you didn’t see it, you missed quite something.

  • Furthermore, our greatest rivals (Manchester United) didn’t cover themselves in glory as well. Well done, Everton. Sometimes, we can count on you.
  • In the Spanish League there’s been some sensations, as The Mighty Barcelona lost against Hercules 0:2, and Real Madrid won 1-0 (only) against Osasuna.
  • Tomorrow there’s going to be some world class footy action as well: Champions League time! The whole schedule, news and all a fan needs can be find here. Dig in! And enjoy the matches for me; I am having late shift tomorrow, and won’t see any of them. Life can be so cruel …
  • There’s also some brilliant tennis action going on in New York. While I am writing this words, Rafa Nadal is playing Novak Djokovic.
  • Oh, and Diego Forlan has donated his football kit to the Atletico Madrid Museum – just in case you’re fans, and going to Madrid.

Do not forget to check Christine’s Rankings before you turn off your computer/laptop/mac. It’s getting tight at the top!

That would do for today. I hope you’ll enjoy my first ever (side)post. I hope to see you in the comments, and I am off to cheer for Rafa Nadal!


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