(To the tune of 'I Will Survive')

I'm currently afraid, I am petrified, keep thinking it's going bad with de la Rosa in our side. But on a Sunday night, thinking how it could get better, Peter says the letter, I heard news that I'd prefer. So you might be back, from Pirelli testing, we should never let you go in the first place with that beard on your face. We should have kept you in the car, we should have left you the key. If I'd known for just one second, if Pedro would bother me.

Come on now, walk back through the door, turn back now, 'cos Pirelli don't want you anymore. Weren't you the one who cried when they said goodbye. Then we went to crumble, we laid down to die, but no, not you, you will survive.

I think, you can ever so slightly tell, I'm rather happy. Oh bulletpoints, I can do that too.

  • There was some race yesterday, at the gorgeous Monza circuit in northern Italy. Some things happened, no doubt Leigh, Lukeh, Sebastian and Me have all the reviews up of the race, points and those new teams. Just like every other week and you know that drill don't you. Sadly Kovalainen hasn't got the memo to retire just yet...
  • Lotus have been quite busy in the last 24 hours. First they bought the rights to call themselves 'Team Lotus' from next season, pretty much confirmed that Heikki Kovalainen would be signed on for 2011 in Singapore and then ditched the Cosworth engines in favour of a likely move for Renault. Is that going to help them catch up with the midfield pack for next season? We'll see.
  • I've held it off for the third bulletpoint, yes, it may not be confirmed, but the legend that is Nick Lars Heidfeld could be in for a return to Sauber. Now these are my kind of rumours, and its from AUTOSPORT so more than likely to be accurate too. He could replace the struggling Pedro de la Rosa from Singapore, but its not confirmed, but if it it, there might be a very loud celebration coming from Newcastle.
  • Several members of Sidepodcast opted to watch the Le Mans Series from Silverstone instead. Fellow Geordie Rob Bell put in a great performance to make the podium in the GT2 category. Adie put up some awesome pictures up of Bell's teammate Darren Turner, as well as a neat one of Allan McNish. Meanwhile Pat has written a few words of the experience. I suspect more photos and word will be going up on flickr and blogs in the coming days.
  • It has been another round of the Speedway GP and a 24 point maximum sees Tomasz Gollob with one and a half hands on the trophy. The 39 year old is one of those 'greatest drivers never to win' kinda men, but that is all set to change this year. The Brits were, typically, poor, with Tai Woffinden still only six points ahead of someone who has been injured half the season. But as ever speedway riders proved they were crazy, with Freddie Lindgren banging the side of his head after a heavy impact with the ground and Rune Holta also damaging his knee, they both carried on too. Two rounds left though, and it looks like Gollob could take the title in his own country of Poland.

There is your bulletpoints and all I have for this week. I'm currently struggling with a small cold at the moment, but this is allowing me (slowly) to work on a little secret project I hope to release within the week. And of course next week is the Great North Run, I don't know if anyone is running but good luck with you are, and if you are, do tell us who you are supporting, and if not, I assume we'll be being charitable for Mrs C when she runs her 5km. This, even if it does make traffic especially in the north of Newcastle a nightmare, which is annoying if you happen to be playing a team in Gateshead. Anyways, thats it from me. Have a lovely Monday and I'll see you in the comments.

I can't believe its been five months before I've said that.

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