Hello there, it's Saturday. What are you up to today? Will you be perusing any of the testing action in Jerez? It's all kicking off over there. Well, it's not really, but there are things of note to keep an eye on. Heidfeld will be in the Renault, hoping to impress the bosses for a chance at temporarily replacing Kubica. Williams will be hoping to get a wriggle on after their running has been cut short two days in a row. Schumacher will be hoping for another day on top of the timesheets. We'll be busy hoping he won't manage it.

Perhaps you're not that interested in the testing, that's okay. You can get a quick-fix recap of all the action over on F1 Minute. Yesterday there were two editions - one had a summary of the day in Jerez, and the other gave a brief update on Kubica's condition.

Virgin Racing released a really good video yesterday that we are loving here at Sidepodcast HQ. It's not often that teams allow their drivers to just get on with things and be funny. We've seen the McLaren boys allowed to lark about in the Vodafone ads, and here Virgin are letting Glock press the TV buttons. I can sense quite a lot of points for them next week.

In Sidepodnews, the Facebook page has been revamped a little. I'm not a big Facebook fan, but there are some cool bits and bobs over there, including the fact you can see Factbyte Factbox stuff right there in the Facebook window. Amazing! Of course, there hasn't been any FBFB action for a while. We should really do something about that. (Talking of Facebook, I linked to an amusing comic in the comments yesterday and I'll do so again here just for fun.)

Moving away from sports and the like, I finally completed the Rubik's Cube that has been sat on my desk for a few months. I cheated. I'm not sure it's actually possible to do the cube without a bit of outside help. Not unless you are a robot anyways. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Finally, a tweet that caught my eye recently. Jenson's girlfriend Jessica is branching out into a new area.

My first exercise DVD will be out on the 2nd of March!!! #jessicabd

jessybondgirl's Twitter avatarjessybondgirl

I'm probably going to stick with the (currently non-existant) running, but it'd be interesting to see what style she goes for.

Enough talk of exercise though. The weekend is for resting and that's exactly what I plan to do. I've had a bit of a manic week but can finally start relaxing. I hope you all have a good day, and I will see you in the comments!

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