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What a way to kick off the daily, right? I'm not even a Star Trek fan and this blew my mind to smitheroonies but it has The Doctor and that is awesome enough. you can check out more on Mike and Rain's work at their respective links and I recommend it. So, yes, hello! That was quite an introduction. How are you? Had a good week? I hope you have. It's Friday and I'm back on the Fri-est of all days to give you plenty keep you amused today. Can I kick things off instantly by introducing you to Leigh's post on the GP2 Asia Series that begins today? Provides plenty of info and Sideshow Bob/Romain Grosjean seems to do alright in GP2 for all you Simpsons fans. And also, 4 WEEKS TILL FREE PRACTISE 1!!! EVEN IF IT IS BAHRAIN!! Yaaaaaaaaay!!! Now, let's have a positive day and go onwards!

In the Paddock

Szybkiego powrotu do zdrowia Robert - As testing resumed yesterday in Jerez, a lovely collaborative effort was made from all teams at the test sending this small but hugely meaningful message, meaning "Get well soon Robert", to our favourite Pole in Formula 1. It really was a nice touch to see all the teams join forces in wishing the best for this hugely popular driver in the paddock and with the fans and I can only wish my own hope that we'll see Robert back sooner rather than later getting his second victory in Formula 1. Right now, getting fit and regaining his abilities in his arm are his victory he'll be striving for over the next few months and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I hope he gets that physical victory soon.

I'm Always Confusing the Mondeo with an Enzo - And now for a completely nonsense story! Yeeeeeeay! Formula 1 can create the silliest of press can't it? Ferrari yesterday gave in to the mighty overlords known as Ford as they eventually decided to change the name of their 2011 car from the F150 to, of course, the F150th Italian. Catchy! In a kind of gosh my mouth is full of bread kind of way. It seems an unnecessary mouthful for a car. James had a great idea in the comments yesterday to call it the F:CL as CL is 150 in Ronan numerals, and it's something different too . Stuart as always has some words comparing the whole nonsense to a previous event too which is worth a quick read.


Turn that down upside frown and smile your lovely shine! - Alex is awesome. Radio giggles is always a good time to be all happy as he plays some awesome music and have good times, and his Reasons to be Cheerful series got another fabulous entry yesterday over at Gamboling including a brilliant clip from Woody Allen I've never seen before. And it made me cheerful! Very cheerful indeed so hurrah for Alex! You should definitely check out the staggering video in Part 1 and the awe inspiring photo in Part 2 that are going to make you cheerful too!

Don't press the panic button, Press the lego Button - Oh my word do I want one of these t-shirts or what? AMAZING!! Lego Jenson Button and the Brawn one is just adorable. Lego people are just the best though; Lou's little awesome lego buddy Pierre travels around with her on her journeys and I really want a little Lego Jenson to have! Although the Brawn Lego Jenson will do well. Best t-shirt ever. Apart from this one (read the reviews).

For The One they Call Johnny Guitar Hero - Today we mourn the ending of a series who revolutionised the music genre in games within the past decade. Guitar Hero, who's plastic controllers and soul destroying ability through the means of Through the Fire and Flames's impossibilty to perfect created a legend, is finally over. And although many will mourn this series, I for one welcome it as it was about time it ended. Sadly, the Guitar Hero series had become a shadow of what it began as in 2005 on the faithful PS2. 14 different Hero games in just over 2 years absolutely killed the series, over saturating the market as well as competing with the far less everywhere series that is Rock Band. I do have good memories of the Guitar Hero games but enough was enough, and I shall lay my plastic guitar over it's short memory.

And Finally...

That's Why Fans of Good Music Shop at Iceland - If you have a spare half hour today I highly recommend this wonderful documentary on what music Iceland has to offer asides from the wonderful Sigur Ros. Iceland looks like an absolutely gorgeous country but if you did ask me what music I knew from the country all I could respond is Jonsi and also his band Sigur Ros. This fantastic new free documentary gives a bit of further insight into this wonderful little country's musical talents and what it has to offer. There's a bit of everything in there and some wonderfully eccentric tastes to enjoy. I really very much like The Sky May be Falling and For A Minor Reflection in that video, so very calming as well as a few other bands that appear throughout but it's all a learning experience that I wanted to share with you guys of some wonderful new music from a country I really seem to love.

And that's me for another week. I really do enjoy writing these dailies and sharing out some little links I hope you can enjoy. I'm going to end on a musical note and share a gorgeous little acoustic performance from Brandon Flowers, lead vocalist from The Killers, as he sings the hit song Crossfire from his 2010 solo album. He's always had a remarkable voice but it's in live performances where he really stands out and in this instance it's just a stunning vocal performance of the song from him that I really love. I should also reference to a video we've previous discussed in the comments about a wonderful live cover of Romeo and Juliet (originally by Dire Straits) performed by The Killers' being just as good as the original or, dare I say, better in my slightly scared of everyone's reaction opinion. Anyways, that is that and this is the lovely Crossfire, and me wishing you a very happy Friday.

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