Hello… remember me? Apologies for my neglect towards the Sunday dailys of late. You know what it’s like, real life can pop up and get in the way of things sometimes. However I’m back now, and I’ve missed you all, so lets get on with the daily and have a good old catch up!

Firstly and most importantly... brace yourselves…


Yes that’s right, in exactly 4 weeks time we’ll be sitting down and tuning in to our first race in the season! How exciting!

So, what’s been going on in the build up to moment the lights go out in Bahrain? Testing of course! If you missed information on yesterdays sessions you can catch up with the news of the day here thanks to Christine. The test continues today, does anyone have any predictions? Who will be the first to break down? Fastest times? And how many red flags do we think they’ll be?

Missing out on your f1 photography fix? (I know I was), remember to check out the autosport photos!

Speaking of photography, I think it’s time we caught up with Boston Big Picture which has some great very topical shots of Egypt. Certainly worth checking out.

Because it’s a daily and I love to add the odd random point to my posts, here is some stationary I would very much like to have in my study/future work place. How cool are these!!

Moving on from random things, lets bring back everybody’s favourite (well I’m sure someone likes it…)…

Podcast of the Week

This week, in anticipation for the new season, I’ve decided to feature a much loved mini series omnibus ‘Races to Remember’.

Sidepodcast audio preview

Please sit back and remember some great races with Christine. Make sure you all have a lovely day! See you next week!

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