It must be a Friday because I'm back as always delivering a fresh, exciting new daily for you to hopefully enjoy and get plenty of information from. How are you today? Everything fine and dandy? Good, good. I sure hope so, because Formula 1 is on today at Monza with Free Practise Sessions 1 and 2 taking place respectively at 0900 and 1300 BST, as shown in the always useful race information thread. Amy is over there in Monza this weekend with her beloved Kindle 'Alistair' (who I am convinced is melded to her hand) and I'm sure she'll keep us updated as always. But for now - bulletpoints!

  • I dunno if you've heard but Formula 1 has been a bit busy as of late. A rather important meeting that took place about Ferrari this past week finally had it's full details revealed yesterday, see. Did you know that Williams and Sauber wrote to the FIA in support of Ferrari? Now Sauber I can understand but Williams is a surprising one. Of course, you can find more in the dedicated thread on Sidepodcast. Elsewhere, or not, Felipe Massa gave a crazy excuse for his Spa start misdemeanour's. Perhaps the Oompa Loompas forgot where the staff room was in Willy Wonka because they weren't tall enough to remember either. Finally, Virgin Racing posted loads and loads of twitpics last night of race preperation with Lucas Di Grassi which may be worth having a gander at.
  • Do you fancy the opportunity to write the Daily Post on this very website? Is it something you've recently considered trying out? Were you at work when a ladder fell on you inconspicuously resulting in appearing on an advert for compensation? Actually, scratch the last one. You see, Christine posted an excellent blog post yesterday reaching out to you the commenters of our lovely community to see if anyone fancied having a go writing a Daily here and there in the open gaps. It's totally worth having a go, I love writing these things up and finding new and fun things to share with everyone. Also, feel free to contact Christine or Mr C at any point if you feel you have a guest post worth sharing because Guest Posts are totally awesome, and you can always contact them via their excellent contact form.
  • And now for some awesome links. You may have seen Dave Gorman tweet this but if not, prepare to be dazzled - Human Pacman. I mean, the amount of effort that has gone into that is just staggering, and it's really just quite mindblowingly good. On a different note, did you know that everyone's favourite idiot Mr Bean is 20 years old? Well, he's not of course but the character is 20 years old. Happy Birthday Mr Bean! Here's a classic sketch where he meets The Queen for all to enjoy and a quick random fact about the intro and outro - did you know the intro Latin lyrics mean "Behold the man who is a bean" and the outro Latin lyrics mean "Farewell, man who is a bean"?

I think that's about everything at the moment. Oh, and at the moment it's T-Minus 2 weeks until Formula 1 2010! Plus I'm sure you know of the Apple Game Center available now, feel free to add me if you like - my tag is lukehmuse - as well as perhaps adding yourself to the Sidepodcast Game Center tags list.

This week there were only two songs I really listened to whilst typing up this daily and unsprisingly both were Muse - one being a live performance of my favourite song Fury and the other being a rather funky bagpipe rendition of their Helsinki Jam. Fabulous stuff. If the Formula 1 isn't enough for you sport-wise then the WRC Rally of Japan commences today as well, plus you could always read my quick blog post about my Graduation yesterday. Whatever you do, I hope you have a lovely day and I'm sure I'll see you in the comments.

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