Whilst in something of a grumpy mood yesterday, I hit upon the idea of Speed Sporting. In short, it's a means to make sport entertaining for people with busy lives. Admittedly, not many people approved of the idea of shortening an F1 race to two laps, or a football match to just penalties, but I shall not be deterred.

Over and done with, over and out

So then, this tennis thing... it sure does drag on a bit. 183 games, and 11 hours of playing time for a single match? Who in the world had time on their hands to watch the recent match between Mahut and Isner? Do people not have jobs to go to? Clearly tennis is a prime candidate for Speed Sporting.

The question is, how on earth do you shorten the game? There's no obvious pinnacle as there are in other sports. In snooker you could skip all that red ball business and get straight on with the colours, and in swimming swap the vast 50m pool for the toddler version and let them run it.

Tennis does have a tiebreaker, although inexplicably it goes missing from the final set. Personally, I'd make every game a tiebreaker from the off, you could start and finish the whole Wimbledon tournament in an afternoon. Surely even the most ardent supporters of the game would agree life would be much more enjoyable if you could watch all your favourite stars in one afternoon?

Speed Sporting, it's got legs.

The thinly veiled F1 reference

Something I've noticed about watching all of this sport lately, is there's a lot of greenery to be found. In Formula 1, you occasionally spot a little astro-turf runoff, but largely the cars race on black asphalt. In other sports like football and tennis and snooker and baseball and polo, there is green to be found everywhere.

I feel Formula 1 is missing out this, the most relaxing of all colours. I therefore call for F1 racing to be on some grass tracks in the future. Tennis switches from clay to grass courts during its (some might say endless) season, so why can't F1? We could still keep the classic tracks around the streets of Monaco for example, but introduce a greener F1 in places such as Hyde Park and Central Park. You could call that taking F1 to the fans, plus it makes it more relevant to the local bowls club.

Strike a match

Today, Centre Court sees the women's final take place. Of the two ladies doing battle, I'm only aware of Serena. She has been around and successful forever though, so I'll be supporting the one I perceive to be the underdog, Vera. She may well walk it of course, I literally know nothing about tennis.

  • Serena Williams (USA) v. Vera Zvonareva (Russia)
  • Centre Court - 2pm (GMT+1)

There may well be some doubles and stuff going on around the other courts. Ace!

12 responses

  • Amy03/07/2010 at 13:14

    Some Wimbledon lady in the corridor: Serena, is it OK if Vera goes on first and you go on second?

    Serena: No, I'm gonna go on first.

    Some lady: Oh OK. It was a request from TV, that's all.

    I love it.

  • Amy03/07/2010 at 13:16

    To address the post:

    1) Zvonareva knocked the Williams sisters out of doubles so my commentator thinks this might be a revenge match.

    2) I admit I sometimes watch tennis at 2x speed when I'm watching recorded matches. Speedy, and you can still follow the action. :D

  • paul03/07/2010 at 13:19

    Ok well it won't be 6-0 which I was fearing

  • paul03/07/2010 at 13:44

    And there's the break. I don't think this one will last 11 hours

  • Amy03/07/2010 at 13:45

    And there's the break. I don't think this one will last 11 hours

    you just made me realised I'd rewound at some stage and wasn't watching live. I need to stop doing that :D

  • Christine03/07/2010 at 14:21

    Ms Serena did it. I fear this will not be a much commented on post :)

  • me03/07/2010 at 14:21

    all my efforts... gone to waste.

    how can it be over already??

  • RG03/07/2010 at 14:22

    how can it be over already??

    Says the person who wants speed sporting...

  • Amy03/07/2010 at 14:22

    how can it be over already??

    its womens tennis :D

  • me03/07/2010 at 14:23

    Says the person who wants speed sporting...

    oh yeah!!

    w00t for tennis. i could've watched that whole game and not got bored too.

  • me03/07/2010 at 14:23

    its womens tennis

    clearly the best kind

  • Amy03/07/2010 at 14:24

    clearly the best kind

    its the loud kind