Daily: 1st September 2010

Reluctantly, we must drag ourselves into a new month, and it is September we find ourselves staring at. September is always a bit stressful - people head into new terms at school/college/university, and the traffic increases for those of us wending our way through rush hour each day. We're also heading quickly towards the end of the season, and it's certainly taking us for quite the ride as we get there, isn't it? Anyway, on to F1 related stuff.

Daily: 28th August 2010

So here we are at last. It is Saturday and Formula 1 has returned to us. Not only is it back, but it brings with it one of the most-loved circuits on the calendar. It also brings with it some, let's say, damp conditions. Alright, it might as well be a monsoon. We've been keeping an eye on our men/ladies on the ground, and by all accounts they got quite wet yesterday. Let's hope today is slightly better for them, and for the action we're hoping to see.

Daily: 21st August 2010

Hello and welcome to Saturday. It's the last Saturday of the summer break - the one before things really start gearing up again. We've really enjoyed the downtime, it's allowed some great new development, and even given me enough time to write a new mini series (latest episode here, more soon). What else has been going on though?

Daily: 14th August 2010

Okay, pick yourselves up and dust yourselves off. I think we survived Friday the 13th. We are heading straight into the weekend, and I don't know about anyone else, but I am looking forward to it. I'm not sure what is on the cards in terms of racing or lack of it this weekend, so instead, let's talk about some completely different things.

Daily: 7th August 2010

Hello and welcome to Saturday! Another week is over and the weekend has begun. There is no racing today, we are diving headfirst into the first weekend of a few without any F1 to consume, but that doesn't mean that everything has stopped. The factories may be shutting down but we don't. We've been getting some impressive lists of bullet points recently, so I've got a lot to live up to.

Daily: 31st July 2010

Hello, pretty people. Let me begin by telling you that Mr C told me just now: "It's October on Sunday." I'm hoping it isn't, otherwise we have lost two months of our year. As it is, we are here, on the last day of July, and I am more than happy because we finally have broadband in our new house. I've been making do with other ways and means, but lovely broadband is a gift from above. Now, onto other, more important things.

Daily: 17th July 2010

Hello everybody, I'm back for the second time this week to bring you your daily dose of goodness. Double Christine this week, aren't you all lucky? Although there's no racing, there's still plenty going on that we can talk about - and no, I don't mean the golf. (Sorry, RG). Here are a couple of the things on our minds...

Daily: 14th July 2010

Hello and welcome to Wednesday, the middle of the week, when we all start looking forward to the next weekend, rather than back at the days just gone. Gavin is hosting family today, I believe, so I am here to guide you through what we are talking about right now...

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 24

There are just two matches left in the World Cup, and because they've been dragging it out for days and days now, I'm only mildly interested in the results. Not only that, but today's meet between Uruguay and Germany is completely pointless. They're battling for third place, something neither of them will be particularly bothered about, I'm sure. Who sits down and remembers the team that came third in the 2010 World Cup?

Daily: 9th July 2010

I know you were expecting Lukeh and I am sorry to disappoint but you've got me for today. I believe there are some internet issues in Wales and that means I am on call to cover the daily post. What a day to pick up the daily duties! We've got Free Practice about to kick off for the British GP, but we're all still reeling from the HRT news. There's more in the bullet points:

Wimbledon 2010: Day 13

Welcome to the final day of Wimbledon 2010 - it is men's final day, and there's a reason they leave this one till last. We were all (except Amy) kinda hoping that Andy Murray would make it through to the final, but the power of Nadal was just too much and it's only right that the 2008 championship comes back to have another chance for the title.

Daily: 3rd July 2010

Ah, the daily post. Isn't the daily post lovely? This daily post is brought to you by the letter W. Followed by I-N and E. Yay! What can I tell you? It's been a long week. So, what kind of topics are on our minds this coming weekend? I know a lot of people are at Goodwood, but we are not. We are here, holding the fort, and thus we will be talking about other things.

Wimbledon 2010: Day 11

It is Men's Semi-Finals day, and it's shaping up to be a good one! That is, if the weather holds out. We've experienced a good ten days of beautiful sunshine (and rather a lot of humidity too) but it looks as though the rain is making a breakthrough. Centre Court has it's roof, of course, but it's not quite the same atmosphere under there as it is when they get to play in the golden light of British summertime.

Wimbledon 2010: Day 10

If we thought Tuesday was full of surprises, then Wednesday at Wimbledon offered up the biggest shock so far. Roger Federer has only gone and been knocked out of the tournament! I don't think anyone would have predicted that, even though he has appeared to struggle a couple of times so far.

Wimbledon 2010: Day 9

It was a rather confusing day of tennis yesterday, as the women took to the courts to try and sort out who would be going through to the semi finals. Very few of the names we expected to go through managed to achieve it though! I don't know about anyone else, but I was absolutely expecting to see another "Williams/Williams" final at Wimbledon this year. Now we know that at least half of that is not going to happen.

Wimbledon 2010: Day 6

Hello everyone, I think it falls to me to cover the fabulous tennis today and this could be a problem as I have only managed to catch a couple of hours over the last couple of days. I have seen all the important bits though, so bear with me. The bad news is that this is the final day of the first week, as Wimbledon takes a break tomorrow for "Middle Sunday".

Daily: 26th June 2010

We've had some quite spectacular daily threads this week, and I'm starting to think mine are a bit of a letdown come the weekend! Nevertheless, I will plough ahead. We're still in the middle of crazy sporting overload, and I have one more to throw into the mix: Superleague! If you can't cope with the GP and the football, why not compromise with a mixture of both? I'm not selling this very well, am I? Onto the bullet points:

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 12

Somehow, I didn't manage to watch any football yesterday. I blame Wimbledon. I want to make up for it today, and goodness me, I have four matches to choose from! Four! They're on in two lots of two, so four teams playing all at the same time. I need more eyes, I really do. Or that TV screen from Back to the Future II. If someone could go ahead and invent that, I think we'd all be very grateful.

Wimbledon 2010: Day 2

Welcome to the second day of the championships at SW19. It was an epic first day yesterday, with loads of the seeds struggling with their form. Roger Federer went down two sets to Falla, before gradually snatching back a victory against all the odds. Hewitt needed four sets, whilst Djokovic was also making life hard for himself.

Daily: 20th June 2010

Welcome to Sunday. We are halfway through the weekend, and so far I've had a good one, have you? The World Cup is still going strong, but we are not all about football here at Sidepodcast. In fact, we shouldn't really be about football at all, so here are some of the other things that we're talking about...